MSI Laptop Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi: 4 Fixes

msi laptop keeps disconnecting from wifi
msi laptop keeps disconnecting from wifi

MSI laptops have become the talk of the town lately. These are popular as gaming laptops and will create an unrivaled gaming experience for the users. This means that the MSI laptop keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi will adversely impact the gaming performance. To help you get out of this situation, we are sharing the solutions!

MSI Laptop Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi

1) Driver

Whenever the Wi-Fi disconnection issue occurs with MSI laptops, you must consider the network drivers. The network driver is responsible for ensuring proper Wi-Fi and network connection. For checking the driver, you can follow the instructions mentioned in the section below;

  • First of all, you need to open the control panel of the laptop
  • Then, move to the device manager
  • If the network driver is installed, you can check for the updates
  • When the driver is updated on the MSI laptop, the network connectivity will be optimal

When it comes down to downloading and checking for the drivers, you can use third-party software. The third-party software can scan the laptop and identify the driver update if available. On the contrary, you can also check the MSI official website for installing the network driver or updates. However, you must choose and install the network driver of your laptop model. The users can enter the laptop model in the search bar and download the driver that pops up!

2) Network Troubleshooter

When you are using the laptop, you have an amazing option to run the network troubleshooter. Running the network troubleshooter can fix the network issues with the MSI laptop. For running the network troubleshooter, you need to press the “update and security” option in the start menu.

From this tab, look for network connections and tap on “run the troubleshooter.” When you press this option, you have to follow the on-screen prompts, and it will fix the Wi-Fi disconnection issues.

3) Reboot

Now that we are talking about the reboot, the users have to reboot the MSI laptop as well as the network devices. In the first place, you need to switch off the laptop (keep the power cable out as well). After switching off the laptop, turn off the Wi-Fi router and keep its power cable out. You must keep the laptop and router switched off for one minute and then start connecting the power cables.

Once you connect all the power cables, switch on the laptop and internet router. When the router is switched on, connect your MSI laptop to the Wi-Fi connection, and this disconnection issue will be fixed.

4) Power Save Mode

Sure, you want to save the battery, but the power save mode can result in network connectivity issues. For this reason, if you have enabled the power save mode, you have to disable it. When the power save mode is disabled on the MSI laptop, the Wi-Fi signals will perform much better. In addition, it reduces the chances of internet signal dropout.

The solutions mentioned above are likely to fix the disconnection issue on your MSI laptop. On the other hand, if the Wi-Fi signals still aren’t strong enough, you have got to call the internet service provider.

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