Sony Bravia TV Apps Not Working: 4 Ways To Fix

sony bravia tv apps not working
sony bravia tv apps not working

If you are using the Sony Bravia TV, you would know that using the app enhances the performance and deliver more functions. Recently, multiple users have come out about Sony Bravia TV apps not working. In case you are in the same boat and you cannot use the apps, we have various solutions for you!

Sony Bravia TV Apps Not Working

1) Firmware Or Software

When the apps don’t work on your TV and don’t even show up on the TV screen, it’s likely to be because of the failing or outdated firmware. This is because the outdated or failing firmware will cause various errors, including the app’s non-functionality. However, there are some steps that you can take for upgrading the firmware, inclusive of;

  • Press the home button of Sony Bravia’s TV remote and open the settings
  • Scroll down to Help and move to the System Software Update
  • A new screen will appear and you must choose the system software
  • As a result, the update will be downloaded if it’s available
  • When the download is complete, there will be on-screen prompts for installing the firmware, so follow them and the issue will be resolved

2) Factory Reset

If the firmware is already updated, you can resolve the app issue by implementing the factory reset. The factory reset can resolve the operating system issues and it will also release memory to ensure the proper functionality of the apps. For resetting the Sony Bravia TV, you can follow the instructions below;

  • Hold the home button on your remote and open settings
  • Scroll down to the system systems and then tap on customer support
  • Now, select the factory settings and hit the OK button
  • The factory reset will be complete and the TV will be good as new
  • Lastly, download the apps again and they should work without any issues

3) App Updates

Before you delete the apps by implementing the factory reset, we suggest that you try to update the already installed apps. Updating the installed apps on Sony Bravia TV is pretty simple and you can follow the below-mentioned steps for this purpose;

  • Open the TV’s menu by pressing the home button of the remote
  • Now, choose the app’s icon and open the Google Play Store
  • Open the settings of Google Play Store and choose the “auto-update apps” option
  • Lastly, select the “any time” option. As a result, the apps will be updated to the latest version and they will start working normally

4) Delete & Reinstall

If the apps are already updated and there are no updates available, you should delete the apps and reinstall them after some time. We suggest that you reinstall the apps after rebooting the Sony Bravia TV. For this purpose, open the Google Play Store on your TV, and tap on the “My Apps” option. Now, select the apps that you want to delete, and tap on the uninstall button. Then, press the OK button.

With this, the apps will be deleted and you’ve to reboot the TV. When the TV switches on again, open the Google Play Store again and download the desired apps.

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