Sony Bravia TV Sound Cuts Out: 5 Ways To Fix

sony bravia tv sound cuts out
sony bravia tv sound cuts out

There is no point in having a TV when the audio and sound don’t work. This is because audio is important to enjoy the movies, TV shows, or music thoroughly. However, Sony Bravia TV sound cuts out is a common issue but there are various solutions available!

Sony Bravia TV Sound Cuts Out

1) Stereo Receiver

The Sony Bravia TV is integrated with the Audio/Video stereo receiver which optimizes the audio delivery. However, when the stereo receiver isn’t working but is connected to the TV, the audio will cut out and there will obstructions in the sound. For this reason, you have to switch off the stereo receiver and the sound will be optimized.

2) Wires

In case you’ve connected the speakers with your Sony Bravia TV but there are cutting sounds, you need to observe and fix the speaker wires. To begin with, the speaker wires should be properly connected to the A/V receiver as well as the speakers, so double-check the plugging.

If the plugging is already on point, there are chances that the wires have been damaged and are in dire need of replacement. While replacing the wires, make sure that you choose the best ones because they can directly influence the quality of audio.

In addition to checking the quality and plugging of the wires, you need to check the position as well. This is because if the speaker’s wires are too close to the electric cables, it can cause performance issues. For this reason, you should try to move the speaker wires away from the power/electric cables and it’s most likely to resolve the audio transmission.

3) Electronic Devices

When there are multiple electronic devices connected around the Sony Bravia TV, it’s needless to say that they can interfere with the TV’s signals, hence the cutting in audio or sounds. For this reason, you should analyze the area around your TV and disconnect the unnecessary electronic devices because it will reduce the chances of signal interference. Once there are no hindrances in the wireless connections, the audio quality will be streamlined.

4) A/V Receiver

If the sound is still cutting in between, you should reset the audio/video receiver. This is because the reset will push the receiver back to the factory default settings. For the factory reset instructions, you can check the manual of the receiver.

If you cannot find the hard copy, the manual will also be available on the support page of the specific model. So, once the A/V receiver is reset to the default settings, you have access to seamless sound.

5) Speakers

Sony Bravia TV has built-in speakers like every other TV. So, if the sound is cutting out, there are chances that the built-in speakers are damaged or have gone bad. The short-term solution is connecting the third-party speakers to the TV because the sound will come through those speakers.

On the other hand, if you want a permanent fix, you should call the TV technician and get the built-in sounds fixed. If the TV is in warranty, just ask Sony customer support for a free speaker replacement or repair.

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