5 Ways To Fix My Samsung TV Keeps Turning Off Every 5 Seconds

my samsung tv keeps turning off every 5 seconds
my samsung tv keeps turning off every 5 seconds

Samsung is one of the most widely known companies that is known for providing users with a variety of different smart electrical appliances. They are mostly popular for offering high-quality displays which is also why their TV is really popular among users.’

How to Fix My Samsung TV Keeps Turning Off Every 5 Seconds?

Quite a lot of users have been facing issues with their Samsung smart TV as their TV keeps suddenly turning on and off. As a result, these users are left frustrated because they don’t have any idea how they can fix the issue.

If you are also facing a similar issue and are wondering “Why does my Samsung TV keeps turning on and off every 5 seconds”, then we recommend that you keep on reading. Through this article, we will be giving you ways on how you can easily fix the issue:

  1. Check For Possible Power Issues

If the TV keeps turning off, one of the first things that we recommend you do is to check for any kind of possible power issue that you can be currently facing. We suggest starting with the power cord of the TV. Check both the power cord as well as the power socket in which you have inserted the cable.

The issue could be as minor as the power cord not being inserted all the way in. You should try giving the power cable a push. Also, be sure to check whether the power socket is working or not.

  1. Try Unplugging TV for 30 Seconds

It is also possible that the reason why you are facing this issue could be due to the fact that your TV is overheating or is in need of a bit of rest. In this case, we recommend that you start by unplugging the TV from the power source.

Ensure that you keep the TV turned off for a few seconds. Ideally, you would want the TV turned off for more than 30 seconds. Afterward, you can try plugging it back in to check whether it works or not.

  1. Try Updating Your Software

Although it isn’t that likely, it could be that you are experiencing this issue due to a software issue. It could simply be due to the fact that you have an outdated version of the software installed on your TV.

But if that is really the reason, then all you have to do is simply install an updated version of the software. Simply put, install the latest version of software on your TV. One thing that you will need to check is that you don’t turn off the TV while the software is updating. If it does, then you could end up damaging your TV.

  1. Try Getting it Checked

There could be a more technical fault with your TV which really isn’t possible for you to fix by yourself. For instance, the TV could be damaged from the inside. In cases like these, it is suggested that you seek professional help.

You can either get the TV checked by a professional or try contacting customer support. Both of them should help in resolving your problem by getting to the root of the issue.

  1. Get it Replaced

If nothing seems to be working for you, then your last option would be to get the whole device replaced. Hopefully, if the TV is still under warranty, you could get it checked and replaced.

But if it’s not, then you will have to spend a few bucks and get the older unit replaced with the newer unit.

The Bottom Line

Have you found yourself wondering “Why my Samsung TV keeps turning off every 5 seconds?” If so, then here are the 5 different ways on how you can easily fix the issue for good. Be sure that you follow each and every instruction mentioned in the article.

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