Samsung TV Remote Not Working, Blinking Red Light: 5 Fixes

samsung tv remote not working blinking red light
samsung tv remote not working blinking red light

Samsung TVs have been around for quite some time. Ranging from digital TVs to smart LEDs, Samsung has multiple options, but the remote issue still remains the same.

This is because some users are struggling with the Samsung TV remote not working blinking red light. Generally, this issue occurs due to pairing issues. So, we are sharing the troubleshooting methods for you!

Samsung TV Remote Not Working, Blinking Red Light

1) Re-Pairing

In the first place, we have already mentioned that this issue occurs because of pairing issues. That being said, just re-pair the Samsung TV and remote. For re-pairing, just press the up button and back button at the same time. You have to press these buttons together for at least ten seconds. After ten seconds, the red light will stop blinking, and you can start using the remote again.

2) Batteries

How will the remote work if you aren’t using the right batteries? This is because the batteries are responsible for powering the remote. That being said, you have to remove the case from the remote and take out the batteries. Firstly, you must rule out the fact batteries aren’t loose. It’s better to remove the batteries and install them again (firmly, of course).

In case the batteries are already installed correctly and firmly, they might be worn out. This usually happens when you’ve been using the batteries for a long time. That being said, just remove the batteries and buy the new batteries. The batteries must be from a reputed brand since it really impacts the quality and lifespan. You could also opt for rechargeable batteries since they can be charged.

3) Distance

Samsung TVs might be great, but the remote still needs to be in closer proximity. You must ensure that the remote is directly pointed to the TV to work properly. In addition to direction or pointing, you have to consider the distance between the TV and remote. Generally, the distance should be ten-meter at maximum. If the distance between the TV and remote is more than ten-meter, it won’t work and might even unpair.

4) Interference

If you have already reduced the distance between Samsung TV and remote but still won’t work, there are chances of interference. For instance, if your finger is restricting the light on top, the functions won’t work. In addition, there might be some obstacles between the TV and remote. Keep in mind that these obstacles can be wireless and physical. For instance, if there are wireless speakers or phones around, it can lead to signal interference. The signal interference will restrict the functionality. So, just clear off the interference and try again.

5) Remote

In case you’ve followed all the troubleshooting methods, but the remote still isn’t working, the remote might be malfunctioning. For instance, there are chances that the internal components of the remote are fused or worn out. That being said, you can get the remote repaired. However, you can also replace the old remote with a new one but make sure it’s the original Samsung remote. So, what are you going to try?

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