5 Ways To Fix Samsung Tablet Slow Internet

samsung tablet slow internet
samsung tablet slow internet

Using the most advanced devices has become a fashion and the mobile companies are complying with the demand. This can be seen by the fact that the biggest mobile manufacturing rivals, Samsung, and Apple design new products regularly. As for Samsung, their tablets are pretty famous, but people have been experiencing the slow internet on Samsung tablets. In this article, we have rounded up some tips that will help increase the internet speed on your tablet. So, let’s have a look and start enjoying fast internet in no time!

Fix Samsung Tablet Slow Internet

1) Closing Down The Apps

It is pretty evident that Samsung goes to every length to ensure that those resources are managed effectively. However, if there are excessive apps running the background, the internet speed will start lagging. So, if you are experiencing slow internet speed, it is advised to shut off all the apps that are no longer in use. This is because these apps consumer internet in the background, leading to slow internet for the current app. For closing down the apps, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Click on the task button (the square button at the screen’s or display’s bottom)
  • Once you click the task button, the recently used apps will appear in a cascade design
  • Start swiping up the apps and it will shut off the apps in the background
  • Once you’ve removed all the apps, click on the X button on the top corner

2) Device Reboot

If closing the excessive apps didn’t enhance the internet speed, the reboot option will help you out. If you are clicking the button on the side once, it is just locking the device but you need to switch it off for some time. So, you need to press the button for a few seconds. You can either choose the restart or power off button, depending on the options.

Once the tablet has been shut down, wait at least 30 seconds before switching it back on. This is the device reboot and it helps clean up the device. This cleanup with refresh the operating system, making it more efficient for signal reception.

3) Check The Internet

If your Samsung tablet is showing slow internet signals, there are high chances that your internet speed is slow at the backend. It is advised to check the internet speed through the speed test apps. These apps are readily available on the Google Play Store. On this speed test app, you need to check the ping time which is the measure of time it takes to send the data packet over the servers.

If the measurements are lower than 100 ms, everything is optimal but using 50ms will be preferred always. For video streaming, 5 Mbps is minimum but 20 Mbps and more has become normal. So, you might want to upgrade the internet speed plan (talk it out with the internet service provider). Also, if you’ve placed the router at a long distance, it can lead to slow speed as well.

Last but not least, don’t forget to reboot the router before making such big decisions. This is because the router reboot will refresh the operating system, thus leading to fast internet speed.

4) Widgets

So, you’ve closed down all the excessive apps, rebooted the tablet and router but the internet connection is still going low. In this scenario, you can focus on widgets because they can consume excessive resources. For instance, you might have added the alarm or weather widgets on the home screen for convenience. But these widgets work all the time, leading to internet signal eating. If there are too many widgets, just try cutting to chase and reduce the number. If you want to remove the widget, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Press hard on the widget
  • Keep holding it and move it to the bottom of the screen
  • There is a dustbin logo, just drop the widget there
  • In some tablets, there is a remove section at the top of the screen as well, so look for options

5) Update The Android Version

This is one of the most underestimated cause but it is true for sure. This is because older versions won’t fix the bugs or loopholes. So, make sure you upgrade to the latest Android version as it optimizes the memory, space, and operating system. Once your tablet is updated, you will experience a real boost in the internet speed!

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