6 Ways To Fix Slow Internet On Page Plus

page plus internet slow
page plus internet slow

The consumption of the internet has been increasing over the years. At this point, everything is connected to the internet and every activity is concerned with it. This is because people need the internet to send and receive emails, students have to research and submit assignments online, kids have to watch good videos on YouTube. All these activities demand a robust internet connection.

This is why people use reliable internet connection because they need strong and unhindered communication. If the internet connection becomes sloppy, literally your entire world stops. There is nothing to do. This is when you pick up the phone to activate the data plan and use a hotspot. But if the mobile hotspot isn’t working either, you know how frustrating it can get!

This issue has been happening with Page Plus because their internet service has been lagging for some time now. People have been trying different techniques and calling customer care but it didn’t work. For all such people, we have added the top troubleshooting tips. These tips will help you get a hold of better signals and enjoy faster internet access with Page Plus. So, let’s see how you can achieve it!

Ways To Fix Slow Internet On Page Plus

1. Airplane Mode

Restarting the mobile phone’s connection to and from the signals is the best possible way to fix the internet issue. This helps in improving the signal woes. If you are using the Android headset, use the below-mentioned steps to toggle it up;

  • Unlock your phone and swipe down from the screen
  • You will come across quick settings
  • Click on the airplane logo
  • Wait for 30 seconds
  • Now, click on the airplane logo again

In contrast, if you are an iPhone user, you need to follow the following steps;

  • Unlock your iPhone and swipe up from the bottom of the screen
  • You will see an airplane logo, so click on it
  • Wait for one minute
  • Click on the airplane logo again and make sure it’s not orange

These actions will probably help you gain your internet speed back if you are using Page Plus internet.

2. Restart That Phone

It’s needless to say that mobile phones can do everything that computers can. This also means that sometimes these phones only need restarting to start working on their best capability again. If you are the Android user, follow the steps mentioned below;

  • Hold the volume down and power button at the same time
  • The onscreen menu will pop up
  • Choose the restart button
  • Some phones will directly shut off
  • Once the screen is black, wait for 2-3 seconds and switch it back on

If you have the X-series iPhone, the switching off procedure will be similar to Android mobile phones. However, if you have the home button on your iPhone, follow the steps given below;

  • Hold the home button and wait for power slider to pop up
  • Slide the slider to the right side and it will shut off your phone
  • Hold the home button again and wait for the Apple logo to appear

This will help you improve the strength of the signal!

3. SIM Card

Removing the SIM card from the phone is one of the most reliable troubleshooting methods. You can use the SIM card too to take out the SIM tray.

Once you take it out, just wait for a few seconds and push it back in again. However, there are some latest models with models and people cannot remove the SIM cards. So, for such users, just restart the phone and it will fix the issue.

4. Settings

If you are an iPhone user, you might need to update the carrier settings as they are important in optimizing the internet connections. So, just check if there is an official update in the about section and install it.

5. Resetting

Page Plus has a good reputation but if you are facing the internet issues, you might need to create a clean slate. So, you can refresh and reset the network settings of your phone to improve the signal strength. However, you might lose the VPN access and Wi-Fi passwords while resetting, so be considerate about that.

6. Call Page Plus

If this troubleshooting didn’t work for you, calling Page Plus seems like a wise step. They will check the internet strength in your area and provide further guidance that will improve internet connectivity.

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