Toshiba Laptop Slow Internet (5 Ways To Fix)

toshiba laptop slow internet
toshiba laptop slow internet

Toshiba Corporation was founded all the way back in 1875. The Japan-based company has been around for well over a century and is now a popular electronics brand. Toshiba has focused on creating the latest electronics since they were founded. In fact, Toshiba was the first Japanese retailer of telegraph machinery. Nowadays, Toshiba manufactures and retails many different products including information technology and electronic appliances. It is also widely known for its consumer electronics such as laptops.

What are Toshiba Laptops?

Toshiba has been a retailer of laptops and notebook computers for a long time. They are experienced manufacturers of the products and offer some great models. Toshiba laptops are quite similar to other laptops except for a few advantages and disadvantages. They allow users to watch multimedia content, do their work, play video games, and more.

There are many different brands out there that manufacture and sell laptops. However, many users prefer Toshiba laptops for a number of reasons. Toshiba’s laptops offer great battery life and a good warranty. On top of this, their laptops are easy to work with and don’t have many performance-related issues.

However, the accessibility that Toshiba laptops offer is of no use without good internet. Slow internet makes it impossible to enjoy all the good features on your Toshiba laptop. You won’t be able to play multiplayer games, do your work from home or perform some other important and fun tasks.

Toshiba Laptop Slow Internet

Many users have complained about the slow internet on their Toshiba laptop. There have been multiple different reasons why these users are suffering from this issue. The most common reasons are mentioned below, along with how you can fix slow internet on Toshiba laptops.

1) Update your Network Drivers

Check to see if you have the latest network drivers installed before looking into other issues. New drivers are periodically released in order to improve a user’s experience. There are drivers for display, sound, and of course, networks. These new network drivers offer significant performance upgrades compared to the older ones.

In order to download the latest network drivers for your Toshiba laptop, just visit the Toshiba website. You should be able to find any new network drivers for your Toshiba laptop if they are available. Once you download these drivers, you’ll immediately be able to notice the upgrade in your internet speeds.

2) Get Rid of Some Network Traffic

Network traffic is a widely known reason for the slow internet. It is caused by too many devices hogging all your bandwidth. Another reason behind network traffic is too many applications simultaneously running in the background.

You’ll definitely suffer from slow speeds f too many people are streaming content or downloading apps using your internet. Just disconnecting some devices from your internet should be more than enough to resolve the problem.

3) Restart your Routers

Slow internet is caused by a number of things, however, simply restarting your router should solve the problem. Restart your router if you usually get great speeds on your Toshiba laptop from your router. Restarting routers helps as it resets all tasks that might’ve caused your slow internet speeds.

4) Use a New DNS

DNS plays an important part in your everyday internet usage. It is used to translate the address you type into your browser. Sometimes, however, the DNS you use can be temporarily problematic or completely shut down. You won’t be able to enjoy your usual fast speeds when this happens. The problem isn’t anything too serious and you can fix it quickly. Just go to the network settings on your Toshiba laptop and change the selected DNS.

5) Connect an Ethernet Cable to your Toshiba Laptop

Using an Ethernet cable is an effective solution to slow the internet if you only use your Toshiba laptop at home. Wired connections are much better than wireless connections when it comes to speeds. Wireless connections ensure that interferences and other issues of the sort aren’t possible.


Any of the fixes above will improve the slow internet speeds on your Toshiba laptop. You’ll be able to enjoy all your usual internet-related tasks without having to worry about slow speeds.

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