Orbi Satellite Not Connecting To Router: 4 Ways To Fix

orbi satellite not connecting to router
orbi satellite not connecting to router

The California based company, Netgear, which is also present in more than 25 countries, is a top-tier manufacturer of electronic devices and quite innovative in the internet network business.

The company pretty much takes care of all communications needs, developing network solutions for homes, businesses or service providers – all through their high-end performance devices.

Those factors put Netgear in the top echelons of the trade, with sales continuing to grow as the company refines their services. Having so many products and solutions for all uses of internet seems to be taking the company to infinity and beyond.

But for their customer base, some of the products have been displaying a few incompatibilities, either for technical reasons or simply for not agreeing with the tastes of customers who seek the perfect product for their homes or businesses.

One of such products that faced the curse of not seeming to satisfy the expectations of customers is the Wi-Fi mesh system called Orbi. The signal distributor system has been reported to suffer from an issue that inhibits it from connecting to the router.

As a signal distributor, it needs a source of data traffic to send to its satellites, so what happens when the main device is not receiving data from the router? Should you be experiencing the same issue, check this list of four easy fixes to solve the not connecting to router issue on Orbi satellite.

We came up with four simple solutions that any user can perform that may solve your problem and have your internet running again, pronto!

Orbi Satellite Not Connecting To Router

  1. Do You Have Enough Power?

Do You Have Enough Power

As with every electronic device there is, the Orbi Satellite runs on electricity. It may seem pretty obvious, since the first thing anyone does with a new electronic device is plug it in.

Nevertheless, depending on where the device is being plugged in, the current may not be sufficiently strong to have it working properly.

By checking the strength of your current, you can assess if it is good enough to have all the electronics in your house running as they should. So, unplug your Orbi Satellite from any power extensions, and have it plugged directly to the power outlet on the wall.

That will ensure you have the proper intake of electricity, meaning your system should now work as it should. After that, attempt to connect it with the router once more and, if the problem was with the power supply, it should now work.

  1. Click the Power Button a Few Times

Do You Have Enough Power

Should you attempt the first fix and not get the connection with the router to work, here is another easy step to get the issue repaired. Locate the power button on your Orbi Satellite, which should be on the right side on the back of the device.

Then, click it a few times with a one second interval. That will cause your system to search for routers in the coverage area and re-do the connection.

After clicking the button and having the system re-do the connection, wait a couple of minutes and check if the signal is back. It should now be working properly. This easy fix should also enhance the reach and strength of the internet signal in your house.

  1. Restart the Device

Restart the Device

Electronic devices were not meant to be switched on for very long periods of time, as they also need to ‘breathe’ every now and then. Apart from that, giving your devices a chance to refresh their settings as well as to get rid of undesired configurations or connections will have them working better afterwards.

Although your Orbi Satellite should have a reset button on the right side on the back, the most recommended way to perform a restart is to unplug the device from the power source. So, get to the wall and pull the plug on your Orbi Satellite, wait a minute or two, and plug it back again.

The rest should be done by the device itself, which will reinitiate and get to work from a cleaner and fresher state. This will probably solve the issue of not connection to the router.

  1. Try Re-Syncing the Satellites

Interruptions in the flow of the internet signal on your house may cause the satellites to disconnect from the router. There are also factors that may hinder the re-connection, such as the distance from the satellite to the router.

Fortunately, there is an easy fix for this connection issue and here is what you should do:

  • Locate the router and find the Sync button, which should be on the back. Press the button and hold it for at least two minutes.
  • After that, locate the Orbi Satellite and find the Sync button, which should be the first button on the left on the back of the device. Now, press and hold the Sync button on the Satellite for two minutes.

That should do it, since the devices will find each other and perform the connection automatically.

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