6 Ways To Fix Optimum Remote Not Working

optimum remote not working
optimum remote not working

For people who love entertainment, it’s pretty clear that they would have TV service and Optimum is one of the prime choices. They have optimized top-notch features and high-end coverage and speed. In the same way, Optimum remote not working can be a common issue that restricts the user experience. With this article, we are sharing the fixes!

How To Fix Optimum Remote Not Working

1. Bluetooth

Optimum remote is designed with IR configuration and it uses Bluetooth to function properly. With this being said, if your remote has not switched on the Bluetooth, it will lead to functionality errors. For this reason, you could try connecting the TV with Optimum remote through Bluetooth. You can check the manual for getting the correct pairing steps.

2. Batteries

Well, this is pretty straightforward but can adversely impact the TV functionality. For instance, if the batteries are low or have drained, it might be the reason of the Optimum remote not working. So, we suggest that you either recharge the batteries or get the new batteries. It is better to opt for rechargeable batteries because you don’t have to buy the batteries again and again.

3. Box

If you have the Optimum remote, you must be using the box with it, right? For this purpose, we suggest that you reboot the box because it can fix the minor issues that might be causing the connectivity issues with the remote. For instance, some configuration issues might lead to non-detection of the remote and it won’t work. So, you can reboot the box by removing the power cable and plugging it after ten minutes. Once the box switches on properly, try using the remote again and it will work (hopefully).

4. Remote Pairing

In case you have already rebooted the box and changed the batteries, there are chances that the pairing is damaged. So, we suggest that you repair the Optimum remote. For this purpose, press the home button after opening the settings. Then, tap on the preferred option and click on “pair the remote to box” and follow the on-screen prompts. You will need to press the numbers seven and nine on the remote for around five seconds and it will re-pair the remote.

5. Box Reset

If rebooting the box didn’t resolve the remote’s functionality issues, you could try resetting the box. For resetting the box, look for the reset button and press it for around fifteen seconds for resetting. As a result, it will reboot the box and the data will be deleted. Once the reset is complete, re-pair the remote again and it’s highly likely that the remote will work.

6. Optimum Store

In case nothing seems to work out for you, you can go to the Optimum store and have them fix the remote control. This is essential because Optimum Store has professional technical staff available and they are experienced to repair the remote controls. In simpler words, they will fix the hardware issues with the Optimum remote and get it working again. Also, it’s better to get an appointment before visiting the Optimum Store.

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