What Is Meant By Murata Manufacturing On My WiFi?

murata manufacturing on my wifi
murata manufacturing on my wifi

As technology has advanced at such a rapid rate in the last decade, it is becoming nearly impossible to keep a track of what’s what. There are thousands of companies building millions of new devices and gadgets.

Each one fills an apparent need that we may not have even realised we had. This can lead to some confusion at times. For example, every now and then it is totally natural to have a look at the devices connected to your Wi-Fi – only to end up not recognising at least one of them.

In most cases, people are led to assume that someone is leeching off their connection or that something else even more malicious might be afoot. This gets even more suspicious when the name of the device being picked up is a little vague.

For many of you, that’s precisely what has happened when you’ve noticed the unfamiliar ‘Murata Manufacturing’ making an appearance on your network. So, to save some confusion, we decided to explain a little about this company and what they do so that you can track which device it is. So, here’s what we’ve figured out!

What Is Meant By Murata Manufacturing On My WiFi?

A Little Bit About Murata Manufacturing

Murata Manufacturing Co, LTM. Are a brand that are involved in the manufacture of a pretty vast array of electronic devices. So, the good news is that it is a legit entity.

They are a Japanese company which aren’t all that well-known yet, despite the fact that their components can show up in all sorts of devices you wouldn’t expect them to be in. For example, when this happened to one of us recently, it turned out that the device it was related to was actually a Trane thermostat.

For the most part, their components will be found in mechanical devices, telecommunications products, and things of that nature. Within that, there are actually a huge list of bits and pieces that will bear the name Murata Manufacturing.

There are multilayer ceramic capacitors, communication modules, noise countermeasure components, sensor devices, high-frequency components, powerful batteries, and a whole host of other devices. Because of this, the company’s reach is not just limited to Japan, and their components can show up pretty much anywhere in the world.

What Should I Do About The Murata Manufacturing Device On My Wi-Fi?

We’ve already seen how this brand name is likely to show up on any network anywhere in the world. So, if you are seeing it on your system, the first thing we would advise is not to worry too much about it just yet. The chances are that it is totally harmless and nothing to do with spyware or anyone stealing your Wi-Fi.

For the more curious among you who want to engage in a little bit of detective work (it’s actually a bit of fun), here is how we would suggest you go about it. We’ve found that the easiest way to isolate the device and identify it is to block that particular device from the network.

Then, you can systematically go around your home and try to operate all of your internet-enabled gear. If any of your stuff has ceased functioning entirely, this is nearly definitely going to be the culprit and the one bearing the Murata name. More often than not, the device will be a smart home one.

How To Get Rid Of The Murata Manufacturing Notification On My WiFi

For many of you, you will now want to simply shut out the notification. The bad news is that it won’t simply disappear. So, you will need to actively do something about it, but this won’t take all that much time. All you will need to do is configure the address manually.

So, you will need to verify this Murata device with your phone’s MAC IP address as well as that of your router. This way, the device will no longer be a source of mystery to your network and trigger notifications.

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