6 Ways To Fix No Internet Light On Modem

no internet light on modem
no internet light on modem

The internet has become a necessity in this fast-paced world. With this being said, the wireless internet has become the ultimate reality of this world. So, if there is no internet light modem, we are pretty sure that you are unable to use the internet. With this being said, we have outlined easy troubleshooting methods to help you out!

How To Fix No Internet Light On Modem?

1. The Copper Line

If you are using the wireless modem, there are still going to be wired and the copper line is one of them. This copper line is responsible for the communication and transmission of data. Consequently, you need to take out the copper line from your modem and plug it in the telephone. Once you plug in the copper line into the telephone, dial any number and take out the line.

Then, insert this copper line into the modem again and restart it. Once you plug the copper line into the modem, the light will come back and you will be able to use the internet again.

2. Restart

When you are using the internet connection, keep in mind that the modem needs to be restart and refreshed on a regular basis. In this case, you need to take out the power cable from the modem and wait until all the lights are switched off. After waiting for five minutes, insert the power cord again, and wait for the lights to get solid. The modem might take a few minutes to switch on the lights, so the wait is the virtue.

3. Broadband Filter

When it comes down to using the modem, there are chances that there are jack-points. Consequently, you need to determine the jack-points in the space and line out the broadband filter. Also, make sure that filters are plugged into the jack-points with the modem. Once done, the modem needs to be started and the internet light will be up on the modem.

4. Number of Devices

In case you have the broadband jack-point dedicated to the device, it’s not a problem, but if you don’t have one, the increased number of devices will impact the connection. With this being said, you need to reduce the number of devices that are connected to the internet and you will be able to get the internet working again.

5. Cable & Filter

In case you are using the modem and connecting it through the phone extension cord, the internet light is highly likely to go off. So, if there are any such components connected to the modem, you need to remove them. In addition, make sure that the jack-point and modem have a less distance altogether. These tips will surely enhance the internet connection and the internet light will be back on.

6. The Switch

If the troubleshooting methods are not working, there are chances that the power socket is not working at its best. With this being said, you need to take out the modem’s power plug from the switch that you are currently using and plug it in some other power socket. This is highly likely to fix the internet issue!

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