Windstream Modem Bonding Light Flashing: 2 Fixes

windstream modem bonding light flashing
windstream modem bonding light flashing

Windstream modems are pretty great given all the connectivity and value-added features that are being offered by them. These modems are a bit different than the other modems that you can find on the market.

Not only the features, but the design mechanism is also different and you will see several lights such as DSL, Internet, Bonding, WPS, and more. So, if your bonding light is blinking or flashing, here is what you need to know.

Windstream Modem Bonding Light Flashing: What Does it Mean?

If the bonding light on your Windstream modem is flashing green then it means that the modem is trying to establish a bonded connection between the modem and the Windstream network. This light should be blinking when you restart or setup the modem for the first time as an indicator that the necessary measures are being taken and your modem should be connected soon via a bonded connection between the modem and Windstream servers.

Optimally, you should give it a minute or two so that it can be connected properly. However, if it is not stopping to blink, that means there is some sort of problem, and here is how you can fix this.

1) Restart the Modem

The first thing that you should try out if you are unable to make the light stop blinking and it is just flashing for over 5 minutes is to restart your Windstream modem. This should be pretty easy for you as there is a power button on the modem that you can push for 5 seconds and the modem will be turned off.

You can also plug it out from the power socket and plug back the modem after 10 seconds. After a successful power cycle, all the components on your modem will start over and they will try to connect with the modem once again. This will solve the issue most of the time and you will be able to see a solid green bonding light on your modem.

2) Check the Windstream wireless device

Well, the connection is wireless and you need to ensure that the other device that you are trying to connect with is powered on and is placed within the distance range that is required of the Windstream modem to be connected with it via bonded pair. There can be several issues with the other device such as it might not be near the modem enough to be connected.

Also, you need to make sure that the other device is not connected with some other Windstream modem or does not have any sort of malfunctions on it. If you are seeing the green bonding light flashing on your Windstream Modem, that means your modem is perfectly fine and is triggering the connectivity attempt from its part. So, follow the instructions that you get on the manual to have these devices connected properly and you will never have to face this issue again.

However, if you are unable to make it work, contact Windstream and they will be able to help you with a complete setup process.

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