Centurylink Modem No Internet Light: 5 Ways To Fix

centurylink modem no internet light
centurylink modem no internet light

The internet has become an absolute necessity for everyone in this world and there are multiple services offering internet connections. Similarly, having the best modem on hand is essential, and what can be better than a CenturyLink modem, right? On the other hand, if you are bothered by CenturyLink modem no internet light and cannot use the internet, we are here to help!

Centurylink Modem No Internet Light – The Meaning

If you are using a CenturyLink modem and there is no internet light, there are chances that PPP credentials are not programmed in the modem. Also, it might occur when the modem is undergoing the transparent bridging mode. With this being said, there is nothing to be worried about because we have outlined the troubleshooting methods!

1) Network Cable

Okay, firstly, you need to check the network cable and make sure it is properly connected between the WAN port and modem. The WAN port will be located at the back and make sure the cable is properly connected. Also, there must be no physical damages or fraying on the cable. Once you replace the network cable, the internet will be back on track.

2) Lights

If changing the network cable did not fix the no internet light issue, we suggest that you check the modem’s light itself. This is because if the light is not working properly, it won’t switch on; it doesn’t matter how many cables you change. Once you replace the light on the modem, the internet light will switch on.

3) Power Cable

In addition to the network cable, you need to pay actual attention to the power cable. This is because power cables optimize the electric current to the modem, hence the lights will switch on and the internet will work seamlessly. For this purpose, you need to ensure that power cables are working properly and you are using the correct power cable. The power cable that comes in the box must be used for proper functionality.

4) Heat

The internet is needed around the clock which is why the modem works all the time. However, this all-time working tends to heat up the modem which might be causing this strange behavior of internet light. With this being said, you need to switch off the modem and let it rest for ten to fifteen minutes. Once the modem is cooled down, plug in the power cords again and the internet light will switch on. Similarly, you need to position the modem where it gets proper air ventilation and circulation.

5) Additional Components

When you are using additional devices and components, such as surge protectors and power strips, the power delivery will be adversely impacted. As a result, the light will not switch on. With this being said, you need to check that surge protectors and power strips are working properly. You can either repair these components or replace them with new ones for better performance.

On the other hand, if the troubleshooting methods didn’t fix the no internet light issue on the CenturyLink modem, we suggest that you factory reset the modem. As a result, the internet light will work optimally and the internet connection will be streamlined!

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