3 Antenna Router Positioning: The Best Ways

3 antenna router positioning
3 antenna router positioning

Wi-Fi routers have become a crucial part of every home. That’s to say because wireless internet connections are preferred. Even more, people need unhindered access to internet signals, prompting them to use the correct routers. However, to ensure streamlined internet access, one needs to ensure the three antennas on the router are positioned correctly. In this article, we are sharing information about the correct positioning of antennas.

3 Antenna Router Positioning

You might have the top Wi-Fi router out there, but if the antennas aren’t positioned and optimized, the internet signals will be poor. Also, the internet speed will slow. It is essential to outline that Wi-Fi routers work best when you ensure the correct antenna position and pointing. The users need to ensure that antennas are radiating signals in all directions once you centrally locate the router.

If all the antennas are pointing in a straight position, the signals will radiate in a single direction. If you have a router with three antennas, the side antennas should be at 45-degrees while the middle antenna should be at 90-degrees. This position is known as polarization. With this position of antennas, you will be able to capture fast internet signals in all directions, irrespective of the router position.

This antenna position promises that all of them receive the same polarization, hence the same speed. It is pretty clear that all antennas are perpendicular and 45-degrees. The Wi-Fi signals will be received and transmitted pretty fast. This is because the device’s wireless antennas will align with at least one router antenna, creating a parallel match.

Types of Antennas

If your Wi-Fi router has three antennas, these are omnidirectional antennas, directional antennas, and semi-directional antennas. The omnidirectional antenna tends to radiate electromagnetic waves in all possible directions. On the other hand, the semi-directional antennas will radiate radio waves in a specific pattern. Last but not least, the directional antenna will transmit signals in one direction only.

These three antennas are indoor antennas and are pretty small in size. These antennas are suitable for internal use and have a low power gain, ranging from 2dBi to 9dBi. As for the antennas, their specific location will optimize internet signals.

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