How To Improve Video Quality On Kodi? (5 Troubleshooting Tips)

how to improve video quality on kodi
how to improve video quality on kodi

Kodi is a promising choice for entertainment lovers as it helps stream the content. Kodi is basically an open-source media player application and is available for free, promising easier streaming. It streams content from the video source you choose. However, many users have complained about the video quality errors, which hinder the viewing experience. So, to optimize your viewing experience, we are sharing how to improve video quality on Kodi!

How To Improve Video Quality On Kodi?

  1. Stream Quality

In most cases, people lower the stream quality in Kodi settings as it helps users limit the bandwidth consumption. It is done to fix the playback issues and make sure there is no buffering. However, low streaming quality will adversely impact the video quality. Having said that, we recommend that you open the Kodi settings and increase the resolution or streaming quality.

  1. The Device

It is essential to choose the streaming device that supports the streaming. For instance, if you are watching action videos or movies with video resolution of 4K, HD, or full HD, it’s recommended that you stream on the TV rather than tablets or PCs. This is because PCs and tablets have a smaller display screen, which can adversely impact the connection. Similarly, if you are watching that has a lower resolution, you should watch it on the tablet or smartphone rather than on TV because the TVs have a higher PPI, which leads to blurred pixels.

  1. Lighting

This solution is not related to the Kodi settings but can directly impact the video quality and viewing experience. For instance, if you are watching a video or movie that’s short in darker conditions, the video quality will be impacted when the surrounding environment isn’t conducive to videos. In the case of such videos, you must adjust the display device to make sure direct sunlight doesn’t fall on it. In addition to this, you need to adjust the seat to ensure you don’t see the room lighting’s reflection on the screen.

  1. Video File

If you are streaming the videos with a corrupt file, it will also result in lower video quality. The only solution is to fix the corrupt parts of the video files.

  1. Internet Connection

Kodi uses the internet to stream content through the video source, so when the internet is slow, it can result in buffering. However, before buffering, the video quality will be downgraded, which leads to adverse video quality. That being said, we recommend that you check the internet connection. First of all, you should reboot the router to improve the wireless signals – you can check the internet speed, and if it’s slower, you should upgrade the internet plan.

On the other hand, if you cannot upgrade the internet plan, it’s better that you connect the device to the internet through an Ethernet cord. It will help create a wired internet connection and won’t lead to internet signal interference.

The Bottom Line

These five solutions should help improve the video quality significantly. However, if the bad video quality is still bugging you, the only solution is to call Kodi’s support team.

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