3 Ways To Fix Fix Mitsubishi TV Lamp Light Blinking Orange

mitsubishi tv lamp light blinking orange
mitsubishi tv lamp light blinking orange

Mitsubishi is the most renowned company in the world. It is some of those companies that are trusted by all. Mitsubishi always comes up with some amazing products to help its users enjoy their life. Moreover, it is the most reliable company present in today’s world. But, there are some issues reported about the Mitsubishi TV lamplight.

Some of the Mitsubishi users complained about the Mitsubishi lamp light blinking orange. It is something that you need to worry about and give good care. Most of us do not know what the reason behind that orange blinking light is. So, for our reader’s ease, we have brought this article that will help you overcome this issue.

How To Fix Mitsubishi TV Lamp Light Blinking Orange?

1. Is The Orange Light A Thing To Worry About?

There are a few reasons why do you witness a blinking orange light on the Mitsubishi TV lamp. Here we will provide you with some of the most common reasons for all. The reason why do you face a blinking orange light on the Mitsubishi TV lamp is either because the lamp door is not tight enough or the safety switch of the lamp door needs replacement. Below you will find some troubleshooting methods to overcome the issue.

2. Check If The Lamp Door Is Tight Enough

You may face this issue just after replacing the TV lamp. Most of us replace the lamp and do not think that the lamp’s door is not closed perfectly. This is something that we need to make sure of while changing the TV lamp. If not done with care, you will continue to witness the blinking orange light, and it may get severe with time.

So, if the TV lamp is blinking orange light, then check whether the lamp door is finely closed or not. If not, then either do it by yourself or look for assistance from a professional.

3. Replace The Safety Switch

If you do not know, then there is a safety switch to keep your lamp finely attached. If you face a blinking orange light in the Mitsubishi TV lamp, then the lamp switch may be out of order. For this, you need to be an expert about the device. If you have no experience, call for some assistance and when you have someone who knows everything about the Mitsubishi TV lamp, ask them to replace it.

It is something that most of us are unaware of. If your issue was not resolved by closing the lamp door finely, then change the Mitsubishi TV lamp switch. It will help you to overcome the issue altogether.


If you were confused about the blinking orange light in the Mitsubishi TV lamp, this article would be the heaven of knowledge for you. The draft will help you grasp some of the best troubleshooting methods to avoid such issues. You need to give this article a good read, and everything will work perfectly for you.

5 thoughts on “3 Ways To Fix Fix Mitsubishi TV Lamp Light Blinking Orange”

  1. If it’s A DLP OR a projection TV then your lamp door is not closed all the way or your safety switch is either bad and needs to be replaced or the safety switch is not being engaged and therefore not allowing the TV to turn on.

  2. I have a 73 inch Mitsubishi TV and the orange light keep blinking at a jump to Green then it’ll turn back to Orange and keep blinking what is my problem

  3. Tania
    Had same problem. Check lamp door, Make sure it is aligned with the little blue stick(that is the safety switch). screw it in place. if all else fails with a mitsubishi replace the color wheel. you can do it yourself. Find the parts at Shop Jimmy.

  4. My tv keeps flashing orange so I removed the lamp switch. How can I tell if this lamp switch is good or not?

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