8 Common Mitsubishi TV Error Codes With Solutions

mitsubishi tv error codes
mitsubishi tv error codes

Mitsubishi TVs are one of the classics, and it’s safe to say that people trust these TVs. But again, these TVs are pretty old, which means there are chances of malfunctioning. Similarly, the users struggle with Mitsubishi TV error codes, and we are sharing information about all these error codes.

We are sharing the list of common error codes, along with the meaning and respective solutions. So, let’s check out the details!

Mitsubishi TV Error Codes

1) Error Code 12

When it comes down to error code 12, it doesn’t really mean anything. That’s to say, because users often get frustrated about the error code, but there is nothing to worry about. Even if this error code appears, it’s best to neglect it or reboot the TV to eliminate the error code.

2) Error Code 36

If your Mitsubishi TV is showcasing error code 36, it means that the lamp ballast fan has failed. This is a common issue with Mitsubishi TVs and can be fixed pretty easily. For fixing the lamp ballast fan, we suggest that you call the technician, and he will be able to fix the lamp ballast fan for you. However, make sure that the technician is trained to work with and fix Mitsubishi TVs.

3) Error Code 37

The error code 37 with Mitsubishi TV occurs when the red or green LCD-PBS fan has failed. It can either be with a red LCD-PBS fan or a green LCD-PBS fan but can be checked only by the technician.

It’s best to call Mitsubishi customer support first because they can provide methods to rule out which fan has issues. Once you know which LCD-PBS fan is faulty, you can call the technician for fixing the fan. Also, if possible, call the certified Mitsubishi customer support.

4) Error Code 38

The error code 38 with Mitsubishi TV means that the lamp temperature has gone high. Generally, the temperature of the lamp rises when the Mitsubishi TV has been switched on for a long time or if the TV is placed in a tight corner and doesn’t have ventilation. This error code can be fixed at home by switching off the TV for some time.

The switch-off will ensure that the TV gets some rest and the temperature will decrease. In addition, it is better to place the TV in an open space or have an airy console to fix the rising temperature issue. Once these issues are fixed, the error code 38 will go away.

5) Error Code 39

If your Mitsubishi TV is showing error code 39, it clearly means that the intake temperature of the LCD is exceptionally high. The temperature tends to rise higher when you have used the TV for hours and if the TV is placed in low-ventilated areas.

For this reason, you have to switch off the TV and make sure it cools down properly. For future reference, you must place the Mitsubishi TV in an open and ventilated area to ensure it doesn’t heat up again.

6) Error Code 41

The error code 41 on Mitsubishi TV occurs when it detects the standby short. There are chances that you put the TV on standby short by mistake. For taking out the TV from standby short, you need to follow the instruction mentioned in the manual. On the other hand, if you don’t have the manual, you can switch off the Mitsubishi TV and switch it on after a few minutes.

7) Error Code 42

When it comes down to the Mitsubishi TVs, the error code 42 occurs when the exhaust fan fails. The exhaust fan fails when the TV is placed in the tight corner or if the backside of your TV doesn’t have proper ventilation. This is because the exhaust fan is responsible for spraying out the heat, but if it doesn’t escape, the exhaust fan will fail.

For fixing the fan, you will need to call the technician because they can repair the exhaust fan. On the other hand, it is suggested to put the Mitsubishi TV in an open area, or exhaust fan should have proper space for exhausting heat.

8) Error Code 48

In case your Mitsubishi TV is showing error code 48, it is because the power supply is short. In this case, you have to change the power supply and make sure it isn’t short.

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