Suddenlink Orange Light: 5 Ways To Fix

suddenlink orange light
suddenlink orange light

Suddenlink is one of the top-notch choices in the market for people who need a modem and they have come up with this amazing Suddenlink modem. On the other hand, some users have been complaining about Suddenlink orange light but they aren’t sure what this means. With this article, we are sharing the meaning of this orange light and how it can be fixed!

Suddenlink Orange Light – The Meaning

If you have the orange light on the Suddenlink router, it is because the wireless connection has been disabled (temporarily) given the wireless schedule. However, this issue can be easily fixed by following the troubleshooting methods below!

1) Wireless Schedule

This wireless schedule can be accessed on the official Suddenlink website and you will be able to check the wireless schedule. The schedule cannot be changed because Suddenlink modifies the schedule when there is a need for service repairing, etc. With this being said, if you are currently amidst the wireless schedule outage, all you can do is wait!

2) Network Reset

Well, if the wireless schedule has been surpassed and the orange light still isn’t gone, we suggest that you reset the network. The network can be reset by taking out the power cable from the modem, along with the cables on other networking devices and routers. In simpler words, you need to take off the power cable from every device connected to the modem.

You need to keep the power cables out for at least thirty seconds because that’s how much time it takes for rebooting the devices completely. Consequently, the connectivity issue will be resolved and the internet speed will be improved as well.

3) Coaxial Cables

In some cases, everything is going wrong because the coaxial cable is wrong. With this being said, you need to remove the coaxial cables from the main cable outlet as well as the modem. You can check the multimeter for checking the continuity of the signals. If there are issues, you need to replace the coaxial cables with new ones.

However, if the cables are fine, screw up the coaxial cables again and reboot the modem. We are pretty sure that it will line out the connectivity issues, and even if not, the reboot is highly likely to solve the issues.

4) Reboot

When it comes down to the reboot, it tends to solve the majority of issues, and orange light is one of them. Conversely, we suggest that you take out the cords from the modem and router. This rebooting action will help get rid of the static issues and electricity buildup. Once these issues are eliminated, you will be able to use the internet again.

5) Ethernet Cables

The ethernet cables are responsible for connecting the modem to the router. So, you need to take out the ethernet cable from the modem and plug it into the laptop or computer. This is because it helps bypass the modem issues and the network will be streamlined. As a result, you will be able to use the internet.

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