Should I Pick Incoming Call From Asterisk Symbol?

incoming call from asterisk symbol
incoming call from asterisk symbol

Asterisk is a telephone operating software that allows users to control telephonic calls between telecommunication endpoints such as Voice Over Internet protocol devices and services. Asterisk owns various features such as voicemails, conference calls, and many more. But what does it mean when you are receiving calls from the Asterisk symbol?

If you are receiving calls from the Asterisk symbol, then it is not something quite pleasant. Recently, most people living in the United States of America reported the incoming call from the Asterisk symbol turning out to be a scam. Most people fell for them, and quite a few reported this scam to the US investigating agencies.

Why Do I Receive Incoming Call From Asterisk Symbol

The reason behind it’s quite simple and can be overcome within seconds. According to the FBI, the old version of Asterisk is vulnerable to scammers, and bugs help them make thousands of scam calls to people using Asterisk. According to US intelligence agencies, “Criminals are using the bug in Asterisk Internet telephony system that allows them to pump out thousands of scam phone calls in an hour.”

If you have been wondering why you are receiving calls from the asterisk symbol, then it’s because you’re using an old version of Asterisk. So, the state government agencies have loudly suggested the Asterisks users update their Asterisk software version. This will eventually stop such calls and will reduce them to the lowest.

Is It Possible To avoid Such Calls?

Most users have reported that the calls they receive are mostly at 3 or 4 in the morning. It may piss anyone. If you ask whether or not you can avoid such calls, then the answer is yes, you can prevent such calls. Incoming calls from the asterisk symbol are not right, and no sane person would like to fall for them.

So, to avoid these incoming calls from the Asterisk symbol, what you need to do is, go to Voice Services. Afterward, you need to go into the SPI services. Once done with it, you will have to get into the inbound call route and make the required changes. Voice Services -> SP1 Service -> X_InboundCallRoute : {(xxx):},{ph}. This will route all the incoming calls from the Asterisk symbol or any three-digit call to the bit bucket.

How Will This Help Me

The benefit you will get by updating the version of Asterisk or routing the calls to the bit bucket is that you will no longer receive scam calls. This is what will save you from ironies. If you are receiving incoming calls from Asterisk, then mentioned above are the reasons behind them.


The article discusses more or less all the important aspects of incoming calls from the Asterisk symbol. The draft will allow you to get all the relevant knowledge about the title. You need to give this article a good read, and it will enrich you with everything about the Asterisk symbol in a call.

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