3 Ways To Fix Belkin AC1200 Blinking Orange Light

Belkin AC1200 Orange Light
Belkin AC1200 Orange Light

Belkin International is one of those American companies that stand firm in the technological market when we talk about quality electrical products. They are quite famous for manufacturing the most recent electrical gadget, but one of their best things is the Belkin ac1200 internet router. This device helps you to get your hands on one of the best internet routers available in the market.

But, have you ever thought that why does your Belkin AC1200 sometimes blink an orange light? It can be something that can put you in hot water. In the article, we will help you know what the blinking orange lights on the Belkin ac1200 mean and how to overcome it independently.

What Is Orange Light In Belkin AC1200?

If you own a Belkin router and the device is blinking orange light, then the reason that could be behind it is that the router is unable to detect the mode. It means that either the modem is not connected to the router, the modem is off, or the modem is unresponsive. For you to overcome the orange light issue, we have mentioned below, some of the most useful troubleshooting methods that will allow you to get rid of the issue.

1. Reset The Router

The easiest and most useful method to avoid the orange blinking light on the Belkin ac1200 router is reset the router. Most of the time, what your device needs is just a reset to start working correctly again. So, to avoid the blinking orange light on the Belkin ac1200 is by just resetting the router. It will refresh the router and help it to make a good connection.

2. Update The Belkin Firmware

If the reset does not resolve the orange light issue, then the next possible option that you can go for is the firmware update. The device that we use needs timely updates, and if we ignore them, they badly affect the device. So, you must go for a firmware update to avoid the blinking orange light.

For the firmware update, what you need to do is note the router model and version number. After it, you need to enter the https://www.belkin.com/us/support/. Next, you are required to go to Routers and then enter the router version and download the firmware update file. After it, you need to enter the file into your device and then update the router. It is as easy as surfing the internet.

3. Power Cycle The Router And Modem

Power cycling the device is the most used method to avoid small issues. What you need to do is unplug your device for a time span of at least 30 seconds. Then check whether the modem and the router are correctly connected using the Ethernet cable. Now power on the modem first and then the router. What you will notice next is a correctly working router.


Above, you will find some of the most useful troubleshooting methods to avoid the orange blinking light on the Belkin ac1200 router. Moreover, this article will help you to get detailed knowledge about the Belkin router orange light. If you need any further help, then we are waiting for you in the comment box.

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