6 Ways to Fix LG TV Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi

lg tv keeps disconnecting from wifi
lg tv keeps disconnecting from wifi

LG has been the top choice for every television user out there. Be it the picture quality or durability, LG TVs are the ultimate answer. They have been in the market for a long, but the recent models are designed with smart solutions and perks that every modern user demands. These smart models have better connectivity solutions, as well.

On the other and, these televisions tend to disconnect from the WiFi, and in some cases, it even forgets the Wi-Fi connection. So, in this article, we have added troubleshooting tips to fix your LG TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi. Have a look!

Ways To Fix LG TV Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi

1. LG webOS

These smart televisions by LG are designed with a special operating system, webOS. The latest version of webOS, 4.71.25, is designed to fix the WiFi disconnection issue. It is better if you install the latest webOS version on your television because it will fix up everything for you.

2. Location

No, we aren’t deciphering that you are sitting at the wrong corner of the couch, but the location of TV might be the issue. It doesn’t matter which location settings you are using for the TV; you need to alter them and switch on current location or GPS to ensure there is no internet disconnection or lag. You can also change the location from the United States to Canada, and vice versa.

3. Unplug

In this method, you need to unplug the router, modem, and the TV because they need a fresh start to show optimum performance. However, you need to take out the power cords only because devices will be stated up. In other words, you shouldn’t disturb the ethernet cables, and power cords on the wall will be fine to unplug.

On the other, plugging in should be around a specific order. That’s to say because you need to plug in the modem and router first, so they can connect to the server and portray internet signals. Once the lights are switched on, plug in the TV.

4. Quick Start Feature

the LG TVs are designed with the quick-start feature because well, people don’t have minutes to wait for the TV to switch on. But sometimes, the quick-start feature doesn’t allow the proper connection setup. So, you need to turn this feature off by following the below-mentioned steps;

  • Go to settings through the remote
  • Navigate to general
  • Tap on “quick start” and switch it off
  • Restart the TV and see if the problem is fixed

5. Time Zone and Date

If you are TV has the wrong time zone and date set; the connectivity will be impacted. So, you need to ensure that you have switched on automatic time zone and date settings. However, if the time or date isn’t right, manually set them and switch on the automatic settings later.

6. Phone Hot-Spot

For everyone who has a smartphone and data package (with three signal bars), you need to connect the LG TV with a mobile hot-spot and see if it establishes the connection. If the TV connects to hot-spot, the issue lies in internet connection, and if not, maybe there is software or hardware issue with the TV.

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