6 Ways to Fix Phone Sees WiFi But TV Won’t Problem

You must have experienced the time when your WiFi network can be easily detected by your smartphone. But when it comes to your Smart TV, the WiFi network isn’t seen anywhere in the network settings. You must be wondering what this is about. Whether it is your network equipment issue or your Smart TV has given up on detecting WiFi networks.

Don’t worry! We have got you covered. In this article, we have addressed this issue. Keep on reading to how to get your Smart TV see/to detect WiFi network again! We have enlisted some quick troubleshooting solutions for you.

Troubleshooting Phone Sees WiFi But TV Won’t

Refer to the following solutions:

  1. Recheck If Your TV Sees Any Network:

To have an instant recheck, quickly go to Settings > General > Network > Network Settings > Wireless. See there if your WiFi network is listed. If you can’t see your network but you are seeing other networks listed, then your wireless card is working fine.

In case if you don’t know your network name and password, immediately contact your ISP or router manufacturer. They’ll help you get the network title.

  1. Check If Your Current WiFi Network Is Compatible With Your Smart TV:

Sometimes your TV won’t detect your WiFi network because it has not been registered as compatible with your Smart TV. Check Smart TV’s user manual to confirm the compatibility. Moreover, you can also contact your TV manufacturer.

  1. Make Sure That Your WiFi Network Is Not Hidden:

For the sake of creating a safe and compatible environment, most of the ISPs hide your WiFi network when any device is detecting or in search of a wireless network. They do this hiding thing this to protect your network from being hacked.

You would need to go to your wireless settings and unmark Hidden. That’s it! Well, well, well, if you know your WiFi isn’t hidden then take any time to dial your ISP’s number.

  1. Unburden Your Network By Disconnecting Other Devices:

Sometimes the load of the connected device on your wireless network makes it so hard for your TV to detect the network. Do one thing. Disconnect other heavily running devices such as refrigerators, PC, and other appliances. Now check if your TV can detect your network. If this does the job, then know that your router is too weak to carry too many devices connected. Upgrade your router or simply limit the connected devices. This will do.

  1. Power-Cycle Your Network Hardware:

Most of the time, a bare power cycling can do a hell of wonders. That’s right! Unplug all of the devices ever connected within your network. From modem, router, to your Smart TV. Now start plugging again from the modem/router to your TV. This will do the job.

  1. Contact Support Center:

This is it. The network troubleshooting is done. If your TV is still unable to detect your wireless network. Then umm, there is an issue with your TV. Place a request to the Support Center.

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