What Is DNS Error Assist? (Explained)

dns error assist
dns error assist

AT&T is full of surprises and they are offering some of the coolest services out there. Not only they are good with their services with the mobile carrier, but they are also offering some cool internet plans, and other similar stuff like phone services, Cable TV subscription and more.

They also got tons of interesting features embedded with these services that allow you to have the best edge of these services.

What is DNS Error Assist?

DNS Error Assist is one of those fewer known features that is about setting the DNS straight. Like all the ISPs out there, AT&T got their own DNS server that ensures that the network traffic on all the devices is safe and fast enough to get the job done for you.

DNS error assist allows you to keep a close check on the Websites name and if you are entering the website URL or name wrong on the browser, it will open up a page for you with some options that you can choose from. These options may vary and they include things like, the site doesn’t exist. Why did I get this page? and a few more.

It is quite a good thing to have if your network is used by kids, or some seniors who are not that good with the internet, so they can rectify the typos they might have made and navigate to the right website.

How to Disable?

Now, it might get annoying at times and you would want to disable it so you can navigate to the websites. It might not get updated at times and is certainly not accurate as the Google DNS so it will be inconvenient at times and you will have to make sure that you are getting it disabled in the right manner if it comes to that.

You will have to click on the Why Did I Get this Page? button and that will have Opt-out of this service as a sub-heading.

Once you have clicked on that, you will be redirected to another page that will have all the information about the AT&T DNS service and how you can opt out of it.

Under the opt out button, you will have to click on yes, and then direct to the CMP. The screen will show you a pop-up having the DNS Error Assist opt out option on it. Click on that, and then you will have to click on the save button. This will get the job done for you and you will disable the DNS Error Assist from your AT&T network for good.

How to Re-enable?

Re-enabling the feature is also pretty simple and it doesn’t have much hassle to it. You will need to open your AT&T account and go to your profile. Once there, you will have to select Communication preferences and privacy settings. Here you will find the sub-menu for DNS Error Assist and once you click on that, it will have the option to enable/disable it according to your choice.

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  1. THANK YOU! I’m appalled that they turned these settings on… I took the opportunity to opt out of “relevant marketing” as well from that at&t account dashboard that I forgot existed.

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