10 Ways To Fix League Disconnecting But Internet Is Working Fine

League Disconnecting But Internet Is Fine
League Disconnecting But Internet Is Fine

League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer war arena video game established and distributed by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and macOS. This PC online game was released in October 2007. The creation of League of Legends was similar to the rise of a phoenix; League of Legends was established from an incredibly successful game, yet outdated in format.

The team knew, though, that they couldn’t stay small. They utilized talent worldwide, transforming the excitement and enthusiasm of the Allstars community into an up-draft that has enabled the launch of a thriving e-sports market, global recognition, and engagement of thousands of users who never had access to the DOTA.

The aim is to kill the main enemy side, a structure that lies at the center of a foundation fenced by guarded mechanisms, even though there are other recognizable game types of different objectives, rules, and maps. Every League of Legends match is diverse, with all champions starting comparatively low but increasing in power by collecting objects and experience over the continuity of the game.

Champions cover a range of leads and combine a range of fantasy allegories, such as sword and sorcery, steampunk, and Lovecraft horror. League of Legends is already flourishing to this very day, becoming one of the most played games.

How To Fix League Disconnecting But Internet Is Fine

Troubleshoot & Ways To Solve Its Problem

Sometimes, while playing the game, it keeps getting disconnected even when the internet is working fine. This can be pretty much frustrating and annoying.

For that purpose, we have a few solutions for you to try and see if it helps to reconnect to your game. These solutions may avoid the game from getting disconnecting again and again so that you can play the game smoothly.

1. Restart Your Modem And Router:

You should restart your modem and router, particularly if it has not been turned off for a long duration. Wait for at least 30 seconds before you start it again so that it gets some time to cool off. After that, connect the modem back in and wait until the modem lights are back in their usual state.

At this time, place the router back in its original place. Likewise, wait until the lights are on. Now that your router and modem have been properly restarted, you can turn on your game to see if the connection issue goes away.

2. Disconnection Because Of Too Much Load:

If the connection is weak, make sure that there are no other devices connected with the network. Simply put, if there are a lot of people using the same network, the bandwidth will have to be split evenly, not to mention anyone downloading or watching movies, you will encounter a case of frequent disconnection.

3. Try Playing Your Game With A Different Connection:

If you have already avoided possible wireless interferences that would tamper WiFi signals, such as wireless phones and microwave ovens, simply shift your laptop to a new place with a secure WiFi signal. If you still have a connection problem, you can try replacing WiFi to another connection.

As it is not specific for anyone because a wireless network is as stable as a wired network. Switching WiFi to an Ethernet connection might overcome the issue.

Or, purchasing an Ethernet powerline Adapter could coverup the locations of home networks running with poor wireless service. Once the network issue is stabilized, the connection issue can also be fixed.

4. Enabling Firewall:

Check the firewall settings, and enable the game file in the firewall as not enabling it might not let it get connected.

5. Disabling Of Antivirus Software:

Connections issues occurring in your League of Legends game might be due to some features of Antivirus Software. By disabling the antivirus software temporarily, you might fix the issue.

6. Get A New Network Adapter:

Updating the network adapter driver may fix the connectivity issue, as in some cases an obsolete or damaged network driver may be the source of the problem.

7. Turning Off Vpn And Proxy:

Before launching LOL, make sure all the VPN and Proxies are disabled. These tools although protect online privacy but may cause issues leading to your game getting disconnected. For this,

  • Click the Windows Logo + I key at the same time on the keyboard to invoke the Settings panel. Then press the Network & Internet button.
  • Click the Proxy button on the left screen. Switch the toggles off under instinctively detect settings and use the configuration file.
  • when using, don’t forget to disconnect your VPN.
  • Open League of Legends (LOL) and test the problem.

8. Test The State Of Lmht Server Status:

Sometimes, if your league of legends game is getting disconnected, the issue does not come from the user’s side, but from the server’s side. Generally, when you find this error, only exit and re-enter it will be fine.

If the game is facing a technical error, then you won’t be the only one facing the disconnection. Also, if that’s the case, there should be a note on the League of Legends homepage.

9. Adjusting DNS Server:

Try switching your ISP’s DNS server to the Google Public DNS address. This will boost resolution time and contribute to greater online security. Here’s how to:

  • Press the Windows + R logo key at the same time to open the Run box.
  • Select the control panel and push the Enter button.
  • Center the Display Control Panel by Class, then press Show Network Status and Tasks.
  • Click the Switch Adapter Settings tab.
  • Right-click on the network and choose Properties.
  • Double-click version 4 of the Internet Protocol (TCP / IPv4) to access its resources.
  • In the pop-up window, choose the following two options: Automatically receive an IP address and use the following DNS server addresses.
  • Enter for the Chosen DNS server to replace the main IP address; enter for the Alternative DNS server. Tap OK to save the adjustments.

For recovering the DNS server address, simply modify using the following DNS server address to automatically download the DNS server address and then restart the network adapter.

10. Reboot PC:

Reboot your PC and launch the game. Check whether the link problem is fixed or not.

Above are a few ways that might help you if league is disconnecting but the internet is fine. Try these few ways discussed in this guide to rectify the issue.

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