4 Ways To Fix DSL Light Blinking On Frontier Router

frontier router dsl light blinking
frontier router dsl light blinking

The routers have become an undeniable part of every space because they help with the distribution of wireless internet and signals. There are multiple router brands in the market but Frontier has become the preferred choice. With this being said, some users have complained about Frontier router DSL Light blinking and they are clueless about it. So, let’s see what this is all about!

DSL Light Blinking On Frontier Router – The Meaning

The DSL light on the router will blink when the modem is trying to connect to the DSL service. If the signals are too weak, the connection will take longer to work. There are some things that can be done about this issue, such as the following troubleshooting methods.

1. DSL Filters

While you are plugging in the router and other devices, you need to ensure that you use the DSL filters. These devices include alarms and fax machines. This is because the filters will help fix the signal interference with the DSL signals, hence the better connectivity. So, we suggest adding the filters while plugging the router and devices.

2. Cables

When it comes down to the DSL lights, you need to be extremely vigilant about the cables. The cables include the ones that go into the wall sockets and the ones for the devices. With this being said, check all the cables in the network infrastructure and replace the damaged ones. In addition to these cables, you need to remove the power strips or splitters if you are using any.

That’s to say because these additional components tend to interfere with the internet signals and the router won’t be able to connect to the DSL service. In addition, make sure that the cables are plugged in securely and tightly and make sure the cables click when you plug them (the click sound promises sturdy installation/plugging).

3. Wall Jacks

In case removing the power strips and splitters didn’t work, there are chances of internal wiring issues in the wall jack. If that’s the issue, you need to plug out the router and power cables from the current wall jack and try the other jack. Also, make sure the replacement wall jack is working properly.


If nothing seems to work, choosing, and using the MPOE is your last resort. MPOE is the box where the external cables from the pole are passed to your home. In this case, you need to switch the Frontier router to the MPOE directly because it helps surpass the internal wiring issues.

Using MPOE should have helped because it eliminates the chances of signal interference and electrical issues. However, if it didn’t, there are chances that the router is malfunctioning. With this being said, you need to call Frontier and have them send the hardware technician. When you call customer support, we suggest that you don’t tell them about the troubleshooting methods (the ones you tried) and have them check the issue themselves. Also, they might troubleshoot the router at their end before sending over technical help.

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