7 Steps To Fix Mediacom Internet Connection Dropping Frequently

mediacom internet connection dropping frequently
mediacom internet connection dropping frequently

Mediacom is one of the most amazing internet connection providers. They have also stepped in the TV cable and phone services. However, in this article, our focus is on the internet connection. With this being said, if your Mediacom internet connection dropping frequently, there are chances that the infrastructure is having an issue. In this article, we are sharing the prime reasons and troubleshooting tips to get the internet connection up and running!

Troubleshoot Mediacom Internet Connection Dropping Frequently

1. ISP Infrastructure

First of all, if the internet connection keeps dropping, you can easily blame the infrastructure. That’s because when ISPs aren’t able to cater to the huge audience base. To check the validity of this issue, you will need to call Mediacom and ask them about the service drops. In case it’s an infrastructural issue, you can do nothing but wait for them to fix the issue. However, if everything is fine from their end, we can move to the troubleshooting methods.

2. Cable Defects

When the cable running from the router/modem to the computer has defects, the internet connection will keep dropping. So, you should get the cables replaced, and it will probably fix up the issue. Also, it’s better to use the weather-resistant cables and keep them out of the range to ensure your cables remain safe (we understand that cables can be expensive).

3. Network Overload

Well, this reason can be dual-sided because the network can be congested at a bigger scale or at your home. As for the home, you should try reducing the number of connected devices since it can overload the network. For instance, the devices with large downloads going on or the phones with Netflix streaming should be put.

4. Wi-Fi Strength

If you are at the edge of the internet network, the signal strength will be weak; hence the internet connection drops. With this being said, it is better that you move closer to the router/modem because it will increase the signal strength, promising strong signals and zero drops in the internet service.

5. Signal Interferences

The modern homes tend to have a plethora of wireless devices that can interfere with the internet signals. So, if there are some refrigerators, baby monitors, or the radio around, reposition your router/modem where the signals are safe fro interference. With this being said, just reduce the signal interferences and the connection will be up and running.

6. Dated Drivers

For the Mediacom users that are struggling with internet connection dropping, there are chances that the network adapters are dated, or the firmware is outdated. In this case, you should check this information from the device manager and find the advanced drivers for your router/modem and computer. In addition, you can check this at the Mediacom official website as well.

7. Power Cycling

If nothing is working out for your internet connection dropping, we suggest that you restart the router/modem. Even more, it is suggested that you restart the smartphone, laptop, and every other device that needs a connection to the internet. So, make sure you restart everything because it takes care of the minor glitches automatically.

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