6 Ways To Fix Power Light Blinking On Netgear WNCE2001

netgear wnce2001 power light blinking
netgear wnce2001 power light blinking

When it comes down to the wireless internet, having access to the high-end router is essential because it transmits the internet signals to the device. With this being said, people opt for Netgear router because they have top-notch construction. However, it comes with a fair share of issues and Netgear WNCE2001 power light blinking is one of them. So, let’s see what it is about!

Netgear WNCE2001 Power Light Blinking

Power Light Blinking Green

In case the power light is blinking green on the Netgear router, it is the result of a firmware corruption issue. This issue can be fixed easily by following the below-mentioned steps;

1. Factory Reset

First of all, you need to factory reset the router. This is because factory reset will delete all the settings from the router, irrespective of wrong or right settings. So, we suggest that you factory reset the Netgear router. For this purpose, look at the backside of the router and check the restore factory settings. You will need to use the needle for pressing this button and hold it down for ten seconds. After ten seconds, just release the button and the router will reset.

2. Firmware

In case the factory reset didn’t work to fix the power light blinking green, you will need to check the firmware. This is because you will need to download the firmware through the Netgear official website. The update is usually available in the settings. So, just download the firmware and install it on the router for fixing the light.

3. Call Netgear

For everyone who is unable to fix the power light blinking green issue, we suggest that you call Netgear customer support and have them look at your issue. The customer support will inspect your router network and overall connection to ensure they provide better fixes. In addition, they may troubleshoot your router from their end for a better fix.

Power Light Blinking Red

If the power light on the Netgear router is blinking red, it means that the router is not receiving enough power or the network is busy. But again, there is nothing to be worried about because we have the fixes for them as well!

1. Reset

If the power light is blinking red, you need to start by resetting the router. This is because the reset will reconfigure the network settings. With this being said, you need to press the reset button on the router. This reset will take around ten seconds but it will fix the majority of issues, inclusive of the red power light.

2. Power Adapter

In case the power light is blinking red, there are chances that the router is not getting ample power or electricity. With this being said, you need to change the power adapter because it might be causing the issue. You can try replacing the power adapter.

3. Power Supply

In addition to the power supply, there are chances of something wrong with the power supply. So, you should try changing the power outlet because the one you are currently using might be short. In addition, you can try changing the power cord by replacing the old one.

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