Verizon Unlimited Loyalty Plan: Loyalty Savings With Verizon

verizon unlimited loyalty plan
verizon unlimited loyalty plan

Verizon has a huge user base, and they tend to get appalled by the extensive range of packages and plans. With this being said, the Verizon consumer base tends to find something that meets their needs in terms of features and prices. Well, Verizon appreciates their customer base as well, which led to the Verizon Unlimited Loyalty Plan. In this article, we are sharing everything we know about this plan!

Verizon Unlimited Loyalty Plan:

Loyalty Savings With Verizon

Given the loyalty savings with Verizon, the customer can have access to a 5GB internet plan at the rate of only $25. Also, it comes with a mobile hotspot, which is a steal. Secondly, if you are living in Canada or Mexico, you can access the 15GB internet plan, which also comes with a mobile hotspot and costs around $35. These plans have a competitive edge with a prepaid plan.

As far as the loyalty discount is concerned, the users can access a $5 discount one month after using the services for three months. On the other hand, if the plan and package cost a minimum of $40 or higher, you will get a $10 discount. The discount is only applicable if you don’t connect the line. In case you are a new Verizon user, you will get a $5 auto-pay discount on your first month.

Loyalty Plans

Verizon is coming out with the loyalty plans that are designed with 2GB internet data, along with unlimited text messages and voice calls for around $60 on a monthly basis. According to Verizon, they want to offer loyalty plans with a positive reputation and are only available for consumers who have been using the Verizon network for a long time.

In addition, you mustn’t have missed bills in the past, and also, you will need to sign the contracts. However, there are some loopholes as well, such as the overage charges. These charges will be around $10 to $15 on a per GB basis. Also, there will be no mobile hotspot available. In the case of loyalty plans, you will need to sign the service contract (usually for one year).

As far as the plans are concerned, there might be little variations in the plan, depending on the customer and time of activation. Given the $60 loyalty plan, the discount will be pretty colossal because the credentials of this package would cost at least $100 without the discount.

Loyalty Discounts

The loyalty discounts are available for the prepaid users, and it is provided to the user who sticks to the plan for three months. In addition, a higher discount will be offered if you stick for nine months. With this being said, the plan’s price will reduce by $5 in the fourth and tenth months.

In addition, if you have been using the plan for around nine months and switch to some new plan, the loyalty pricing discount will be added automatically. However, there is a limitation. The limitation is that you won’t stay eligible for family discounts or multi-line discounts when you have a loyalty discount already.

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