LG TV Error: This App Will Now Restart To Free Up More Memory (6 Fixes)

This App Will Now Restart To Free Up More Memory LG TV
This App Will Now Restart To Free Up More Memory LG TV

At this point the LG brand is well-known enough that we don’t really need to explain what they do. They’ve done all of their own talking in that regard, proving themselves more than adept at supplying the world with high quality and reliable TVs. 

Sure, they may cost a little more than a lot of their competitors, but it is more than a fair trade-off considering the build quality that you’re getting. 

Overall, we have rarely ever had to put together a troubleshooting guide for the LG brand, but no brand can be totally perfect. That’s just not the way that tech works, unfortunately. Eventually, something is always going to give. 

In general, these issues are just the result of a minor bug or glitch and can easily be fixed by even the most novice of you out there. The “this app will now restart to free up more memory” problem just happens to be one of these issues. So, seeing that it is incredibly annoying and can be easily fixed, let’s show you how it’s done!

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How To Fix This App Will Now Restart To Free Up More Memory LG TV

1. Try giving the TV a reboot 

Try giving the TV a reboot 

As we mentioned above, the issue is more than likely to be the result of a minor bug or glitch that is hampering the TV’s performance. Sometimes, all it takes to clear these out is a simple reboot. The process for this is really simple. 

All you need to o is unplug the TV from its power source. Then, just let it sit there doing nothing for a minimum of 20 seconds. After that, the TV can be switched on again. That will be enough to fix the issue for more than just a few of you. If it hasn’t, not to worry – we will just need to try something else. 

2. Connect the TV to the net using the Ethernet port

One of the best things about smart TVs is that you rarely need to think about their connection to the internet. You just set it up and it’s good to go – no need to hook it up directly using the Ethernet port or anything like that. 

Most of the time, this all works totally fine and without any errors. However, there are a lot of errors that can crop up when you are using a wireless connection. 

That is why we would suggest that you hook it up directly, using the Ethernet port. When using this, the connection that you have will be much more stable and faster too! The main point of this exercise is to prove a point. If the TV is now working totally normally, it was the wireless connection that was to blame.

If it isn’t, the problem is likely to be at the end of your internet service provider. The most likely result is that your connection via the Ethernet port will cause the connection to be strong enough that your apps will work perfectly. 

3. Reset the TV to its factory settings

If the issue still hasn’t resolved itself, we think that the root cause will just be a really stubborn glitch that is clinging on to the system for dear life. Though the reboot above can clear some of these out, this method is much more effective. 

The only reason that we didn’t suggest it straight away is that there is a downside. A factory reset will clear out any changes to the settings that you have made. Essentially, your LG will be like it was the day it came into your home. 

With that in mind, the factory rest can be performed by opening up the settings on the TV and then go into the option that says support. In this tab, you will then need to go into the “general” tab and then into the reset option. 

From here, all you need to do is “reset to initial/default settings” and then confirm your action when prompted. This will begin the process. You don’t need to do anything else. The TV will take care of all of it and reboot when it is done.

4. Check for updates of the software version

LG TVs are fairly high-end and complicated devices. As such, there is a team of dedicated professionals working away in the background, constantly making sure that the software is up to the task of running its more complex functions. 

Because of this, there are frequently software updates that will need to be installed on your TV to keep it pristine. If you miss a few of these over time, the performance of your TV can really begin to suffer. 

The good news is that there is a new update out that will fix all of these issues for you in one fell swoop. Simply check for updates on your TV and make sure you have the most recent version. 

5. Make sure you don’t have too many apps

When you get the “this app will now restart to free up more memory” notice on an LG TV, it could simply be the case that you have too many apps on there that are taking up too much memory. 

What we would recommend that you do is go through your selection of apps. Have a look at what you use and what ones have simply become redundant and forgotten about over time. Then, simply delete the ones that you don’t need anymore. 

This clears out a whole load of memory space and will allow your TV to work better and faster. For bonus points, make sure to also delete the settings of the apps you are removing from your LG TV’s WebOS. That’s extra free space again.

6. Make sure that there is sufficient background space

This tip is for those of you who have only noticed this problem beginning after the recent download of an app. This new app may have barged in and cause the configuration problems you’re currently having. 

It could also just be hoarding too much space in the background, causing everything else to simply crash. If you have just noticed these issues after a recent app download, delete the app and you will probably notice that the issue is gone. 

The Last Word

Unfortunately, that’s all we have for this fix. If you have tried all of these and haven’t had any luck, we would recommend that you get in touch with customer support to try get the problem fixed. 

While you are talking with them, make sure to let them know everything that you have tried to fix it yourself. That way, they will be able to find a solution for you much quicker.

42 thoughts on “LG TV Error: This App Will Now Restart To Free Up More Memory (6 Fixes)”

  1. I don’t have any other apps on my LG and the first time I ever saw this message was yesterday and then again today. I will never buy a LG tv again.

  2. Having the same issue, came out of nowhere. We don’t have any extra apps installed, and have tried all the restart and reboot etc. It’s infuriating.

  3. I think it is inbuilt planned obsolescence. Out of the blue ours has started this. Set is only used for digital tv and y tube. Now suddenly cant view more than 1 or 2 vids before it dumps it. It was a $3500 screen. Software is up to date, have done soft and hard resets. Out of patience

    • Just an update: contacted customer support at LG. Their suggestion was to disconnect power cord and press reset button on the back of the panel for 20 seconds. That will “reset the installed apps and fix the problem”. You know how well that went! I contacted the Office of Consumer Affairs here to enquire about what is regarded as fit for purpose and a reasonable life. Their response was 5 1/2 years was reasonable, so basically stuck it up or replace it. Seriously, 5 1/2 years for a top of the heap 3.5k screen. It has got to the point where you may watch 1/2 big before it crashes out. Feel like putting it into the street for the local kids to use as a bike jump. What a pos. Trouble is, what do you replace it with? LG has the best screens, but I am not really inclined to spending another 3500 for 5 years.

  4. Same sudden issue with no changes. Power off and unplugging didn’t work, full factory rest didn’t work. Basically useless now.

  5. It’s not the TVs fault doing a temporary fix to a permanent problem (the user). I’ve been helping customers out since tvs first rolled out with apps & web browser. Your smart tv is not meant to replace your tablet, laptop, or PC. Web browsers should be doing that on a separate device that’s like watching Disney+ 4k with a dial up connection, just don’t do it. Secondly if the YouTube app on your smart tv is sharing an account that’s also on your smartphone , laptop, etc all your browsing history and the algorithm to cater to your viewing habits are always working. So if your away from your home at work and always on YouTube all that information and history is working in tandem with all your devices even when they’re turned off. Next time you get home check your YouTubes history you’ll see them there. If you view or use YouTube that much on your tv too get it its own account and minimize the video boxes from auto playing as there highlighted sound ext. Selected the lowest format untill you launch the video you actually want to see & then you can max it out to 4k 2140 or whatever. And the biggest problem Technicians always stray from the obvious the end users , were trained to handle an angry or frustrated customers with kit gloves. By this i mean we’re creatures of habit so bad ones follow us even on our poor devices! example:#1
    My wife’s laptop, phone, and work computer she got all three exactly 3 yrs ago she gets so frustrated calling them garbage, yet she has never cleaned them + reformat hard drives erase old emails clear out her browsing history or the cache they will all suffer the exact same fate =died from memory failure. We’ve had our 2021 LG Smart tv for at least 3 months for our bedroom and I’m pushing it to the max with Apps and external devices thumb drives ,streamers, soundbars, Google Home and Amazon cameras doorbell wifi speakers and Bluetooth speakers/ and headphones I’ve yet to get my Nano 90 series to crash also got the 75 series @ my tech bench running the gauntlet. So even if your Smart TV cost $2 grand 1App + poor habits=

    • I think you are clueless on the use cases.

      Plex installed – ALL other apps removed. No browsing. Yet after update of Web OS, I get the out of memory error and reset does not work.

      It is not DUMB USERS = Poor Habits rather something changed whether Web OS takes up more memory from bloat or whatever.

  6. Yep having the same issue we have nothing installed on the TV besides Netflix and YouTube so it’s not ‘too many apps’
    Turned it off and restarted it. Still same issue

  7. I don’t have a problem watching YouTube videos even if I’m streaming at 1080p or higher, the only time I got that error on my LG tv is when am using the browser to stream movies on websites.

    • Saw a fix: get a usb memory stick and stick it into any usb port on tv. Allegedly tv would use the extra memory. Problem solved at least for some time.

  8. Interesting that the probmem started for everyone here since summer of 2021. My tv is 4 yrs old, same issue but it does clear for a while and returns.

    I have it as well.

  9. So do I am it ALSO just started this year – have 2018 LG TV. Started after a TV update. Whatever they did to the O/S, it broke the TV!

  10. Same problem ! Started two days ago after I had to factory reset my tv and reinstall YouTube television Very frustrating happens every 20 minutes

  11. Constantly getting this error, tv is less than 5 yrs old.
    Tried every single fix mentioned that I could find. Nothing works. I only have Netflix and prime, can’t watch either for more than 3-5 mins without error.

  12. Constantly getting this error, tv is less than 5 yrs old.
    Tried every single fix mentioned that I could find. Nothing works. I only have Netflix and prime, can’t watch either for more than 3-5 mins without error.

  13. I’m having the same issue and looking at ever ones comment it all happen this year and only this year. That should tell LG the update has a problem and they need to fix it ASAP or tell us a way to roll back the update.

  14. A power surge my get your tv maybe it getting your tv kept your house from burning down. We had a back flash one night because a man kept hitting glide wire with a back hole it killed my well and tv and my refrigerator 3 of my neighbors wells and ones hot water heater. Can’t complain to company’s the hang up on you.

  15. I started having this same problem over the past couple of days. After reading this article and the many comments, I tried unplugging the power cord from my TV. I kept it pulled out for 30 seconds and then plugged it back in. I turned on the TV, updated the Netflix and Amazon Prime apps, and added the Sling app (I had de-installed Sling previously thinking it was taking up too much memory). The TV and all apps are working perfectly. It seems that unplugging the power cord worked. Let’s hope it continues working more than a few minutes. Good luck to all.

  16. I’m using an xfinity flex not the TV’s apps. How can it be draining the memory? It’s simply being used as a monitor. There’s also free space on TV.

  17. So nothing works. I use Plex to stream. it gives me the memory error when I play 4K – 1080p and lower seems to work fine. Whatever they changed in the WEBOS update killed 4k viewing.

  18. I was having this problem, it seemed 45-60 minutes into whatever I was watching, it would show the Error and Restart.

    I tried everything other than a reverting to Factory Reset. Then I noticed under Network,

    LG Connect Apps –

    Wich connect your TV, Apps, and any other devices that supports LG Connect.

    It was set On, I turned it off, and have Not had the Same Problems, Wich is Very Nice !

    Go To – Network,
    Look for –
    LG Connect Apps,
    Click Icon,
    Turn Off if On

    Hope This Helps

  19. Hi, I had similar issues.

    Web OS so the browser has some influence on the other apps…

    I found that turning the Browser to Private Viewing and clearing the browser cache helped.

    Disappointed that the system doesn’t cater for physical addition memory or upgrades.


  20. I am getting error from 4 weeks it’s showings This app
    Will now restart to free up more memory kindly suggest how to resolve this problem

  21. While using youtube app getting msg, app
    Will now restart to free up more memory kindly suggest how to resolve this problem

  22. Have the same problem started about a week ago, you tube is what I use the most. Nothing else has changed. Was previously having trouble with windows opening in YouTube, would have to repeatedly click on a window to start it. Sometimes it wouldn’t start at all. Now this message keeps appearing and everything shuts down. Have offloaded some apps and unplugged TV. reinstalled YouTube app, haven’t yet returned to factory settings but reading all this I suspect that won’t work either.

  23. Yes what are lg doing to fix this problem it looks like everyone is having the same problem.
    Tv will go off and then back on to free up space.
    Something tells me lg are up to know good.
    When is this problem going to get sorted.

  24. Yep having the same issue we have nothing installed on the TV besides Netflix and YouTube so it’s not ‘too many apps’
    Turned it off and restarted it. Still same issue

  25. Has this issue been effectively resolved? Spent alot of money on this TV, only ever use YouTube, Amazon and Netflix and it keeps restarting to free space. Never use to have this problem until the last software update. Now the tv just acts as one big expensive frame on the wall.

    Have restarted, rebooted, unplugged and reset. Same problem. Does your support team even respond or look at these complaints?

  26. I purchased a Google Chromecast with Google TV. It is a work-around but atleast you won’t have to buy a new TV

  27. no apps installed youtube works fine but when try to wotch something on browser get this damn App Will Now Restart To Free Up More Memory i try all the solutions still no fix wtf LG are you trying to lose your reputation on purpose?!

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