How to Fix Access Denied on Facebook (4 Methods)

how to fix access denied on facebook
how to fix access denied on facebook

As people use the internet more and more every day, the more important social media platforms become. Not only as a virtual place to communicate, but also to advertise, sell, buy, hire, and congratulate.

One of the most used social media platforms nowadays is Facebook, with over 2.9 billion monthly active users, which constitutes around 37% of the world population.

Reaching the seventh position in the ranking of most valuable brands in the world, their revenue has increased by 2,203% in the past ten years.

Amongst the most used features users enjoy on Facebook, are the stories. Through this feature, users can let others know what they have done on their days, how the places they are visiting look like, or simply drop them a message or a question.

Currently, through Facebook alone, more than one billion stories are posted every day, and most of the users say they plan on using this feature even more in the future. However, not only of stories lives Facebook. Features such as wall posts, messaging and calling, are enjoyed by users all over the world.

Being a social media platform, news agencies, TV broadcasters and other information institutions post their news on their Facebook feed in order to reach their readers on a global scale. In the U.S., for example, thirty-one percent of the population read their news from Facebook.

And globally, fifty-seven percent of Facebook users learn more life skills on social media platforms than they do from their universities or colleges.

Nevertheless, even with all those impressive numbers that almost reach omnipresence, Facebook is not free from issues. As it has been reported in many online forums and Q&A communities, there is an issue going around that is hindering the performance of the platform.

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According to the reports, users are complaining about a problem that is denying them access to their Facebook profiles and, consequently, to all other features of this ever-growing community.

Should you find yourself amongst those users, bear with us as we walk you through on four easy ways to get rid of this issue and enjoy your online time with all the people that follow you.

So, without further ado, here is what any user can attempt to see the issue gone for good, without risking any sort of harm to their equipment.

How To Fix The Access Issue On Facebook?

What Is The Access Denied Issue And Why Does It Happen?

What Is The Access Denied Issue And Why Does It Happen

First of all, let us introduce you to the issue users have been reporting to happen with their attempts to access their Facebook profiles. As it goes, users are not being able to access their accounts on this social media platform, which also stops them from checking the feed or sending and receiving messages.

Luckily, in most cases, the cause of the issue is a simple technical glitch, so allow us to walk you through four easy ways to get rid of this issue and enjoy all the features only a social media platform such as Facebook can offer.

  1. Make Sure To Input The Correct Login Details

Make Sure To Input The Correct Login Details

Amongst the reports made by users, the one that repeated the most was the login info problem. Turns out that many users have the habit of logging out of Facebook when they finish their daily usage, or even when they simply have already found the info they were looking for.

This means that these users will be prompted to input their username or email and password upon every access. For this group of users, the cause of the issue lies on incorrect login information input upon the access attempt.

For sure, Facebook security features will block any attempts that are performed under incorrect login information, as will pretty much any app or platform that holds personal information.

Therefore, users should be more careful when inputting their login information, in order to avoid having their access attempt blocked by Facebook security features.

Additionally, by refraining from logging out of Facebook after every session, users can save some time and trouble as they will not be prompted to type their username and password again and again.

In the end, is a matter of how much security users want on their usage, so if you are okay with not being asked for login details all the time, simply stay connected to Facebook instead of logging out of the session.

  1. VPNs Might Be Stopping Your Access

VPNs Might Be Stopping Your Acces

Especially for security, or extra security reasons, users opt for VPN platforms on their mobiles, laptops, and PCs. For those who are not acquainted to the acronym, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it works as a simulator that hides the location from where you are accessing the internet.

Even though they are more recommended when using public networks, as hackers are usually more active through those, many people prefer to have it running on their home or office networks as well.

As a virtual private network will hide your IP address, your personal data and your browsing activity, hackers and snoops are extremely less likely to happen. In the end, it is mainly a security feature for navigators.

However, Facebook security requires access to IP addresses in order to permit accesses, so this extra layer of security a VPN might be adding to your navigation may be the reason why you simply cannot successfully login.

So, switch off your VPN when trying to login on your Facebook account, so the IP address might be located, and the access should be permitted. Alternatively, you can get a paid VPN service, which usually comes with further settings and should allow you to add exceptions to the IP address hiding feature.

  1. Check The Compatibility Of Your Browser

Check The Compatibility Of Your Browser

Although not so common, many users attempt to access their Facebook profiles through internet browsers instead of using the app. The problem is that, sometimes, a compatibility problem might cause the access to be denied when the attempt is made through a browser.

Due to a number of technical issues, social media platforms and even some webpages experience different kinds of problems that might stop users from reaching the requested information.

As it has been reported by users who went through the same issue, firmware updates can also cause compatibility problems between the Facebook page and internet browsers. So, make sure you keep your browser updated as these undergoing issues are usually addressed by developers through fixes in updates.

Alternatively, you can simply switch browsers and attempt to access Facebook from a different one. That is to say, if you are using Safari, for example, next time you want to access your Facebook profile, try to do it using Google Chrome, or any other browser.

There is a variety of internet browsers available nowadays so, choose the one you like the most, as long as it is different from the one with the access issue, and give it a try.

Two other important factors, when it comes to internet browsers, are the cache and the cookies. Even though they constitute valuable information that can accelerate the access and the loading of webpages and apps, most of the time users have an archive of cookies and cache files that are no longer useful.

Considering that the storage space for these kinds of files is not infinite, users should, every now and then, give them a good clear. Luckily, the procedure is quite easy, and the command should be found in the general browser settings.

By doing so, not only you will be allowing the connection with the pages you visit to be re-established from scratch, thus fixing possible errors, but also you will be allowing the browser to run from a fresh starting point.

Lastly, still regarding browser features that are relevant to your Facebook access issue, make sure to disable and remove unwanted browser extensions.

As it goes, some of these extensions might be stopping you from accessing your Facebook page due to the same reasons as cookies and cache files. So, reach the general settings on your browser and look for the extensions list, so you can start removing all the unnecessary ones.

  1. A Password Reset Might Do It

A Password Reset Might Do It

Last, but not least, you can attempt to gain access to your Facebook profile by using a new password. Surely, Facebook security features will not allow you the access with an incorrect password, but you will be offered the option to reset it.

As Facebook does not wish to grant this easiness of access to everyone who attempts to login into someone else´s account, the reset password option will be disguised under the forget password feature.

So, go ahead and deliberately insert the wrong password for your username and then go to the ‘forget password’ option to reset it. Afterwards, the issue should be gone, and you will be able to enjoy all the magnificent features Facebook offers their users.

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