What Is Meraki Multiple Public IP Addresses Feature?

meraki multiple public ip addresses
meraki multiple public ip addresses

LAN networks are connections that allow you to connect all of your devices to a single hub. All of the information and data between these devices will then be shared. This makes it quite easy to control all of your systems through a single computer. As well as speeds up the work time for your users. People can even access multiple features on their networks through the configurations.

These are made to make your connection much more reliable. One of the best features included on most network switches is a virus protection tool. This will keep all of your devices secure at all times and prevent them from running into most errors.


Cisco Meraki or also just known as Meraki is a famous IT company from California. They provide their users with network switches that can be used to set up your connection. Meraki is one of the best brands to select if the user wants to set up a LAN network.

There are tons of features included with your device. These should all be labeled on the manual that comes with your product. Going through it should allow you to see what the specifications for your device are and how you can set it up.

Meraki Multiple Public IP Addresses

One feature that many people want to access on their Meraki devices is the ability to use multiple IP addresses. This means that the hub of your device will be used to set up several addresses which will all be then split onto your devices.

Though, you should note that Meraki does not currently allow people to do this on their connection. The brand is still working on adding in newer features with their new lineups and updates. Considering this, you might be able to set up multiple IP addresses on your device as well in the future.

However, people who want to do this by any means can use a way around this. This will not exactly work how you are intending it to but the process should do the job for you. Start by setting up a new router and connecting it to your network.

Make sure that you set up the configurations correctly to avoid running into error codes. You can now access your Meraki switch and set up a 1:1 NAT network on the router. After this, you can connect the guest devices or the ones you want to have a separate IP Address on to your router.

You can then open up the settings of your router to configure the IP Addresses you require. This will add another device to your connection as well make it a double NAT network but the result should allow you to set up multiple IPs.

There is currently no other way to achieve what you want other than this specific method at the time. This is why if multiple IP configurations are essential for your workspace then the user will simply have to purchase a new network switch. Make sure that you select a service that comes with this feature on it.

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