5 Common TiVo Error Codes With Solutions

tivo error codes
tivo error codes

TiVo is the widely used digital video recorder used by people who want to record their favorite content to watch it later. It comes with an on-screen guide for scheduled television programs. However, there are some TiVo error codes bugging the users, and we are sharing all of them below. Also, we are sharing the meaning of certain error codes along with the troubleshooting methods.

TiVo Error Codes

1) Error Code C133

When there is error code C133, it means that users cannot connect to the service. This error code appears when you are using the browser, search, and what to watch now features. There are multiple issues behind this error, such as server issues, loss of internet connection, inconsistency with network TCP/IP, and corrupted TiVo data.

First of all, if the error code is due to a server issue, you will need to wait for TiVo authorities to fix the server infrastructure. To confirm the issue related to the server issue, you can call TiVo customer support. On the contrary, if there are no issues with the server, you need to check the internet connection and make sure the TiVo device is connected to the internet. Also, the internet speed must be fast.

On top of everything, error code C133 can occur with IP or TCP issues because it affects the connectivity with the server. In this case, you just have to reboot the router to fix the error. If the router reboot doesn’t work, reset it, and you will be done. Lastly, if there is corrupted data, power cycle the TiVo device, and the corrupt data will be deleted.

2) Error Code C213

For the most part, error code C213 is caused by the network error, and it signals the temporary issue with the internet connection. Generally, it is suggested to wait for a few minutes, and TiVo will be activated again. However, if the error doesn’t go away on its own, you need to check if the wireless connection is working properly or not.

If the internet connection is working fine, you have to check if you are connected to the correct network. While you are at it, don’t forget to check the login credentials of the network. In addition to the network name, it’s best that you check the IP ports and addresses. This is because TiVo devices need specific network ports and IP addresses to work. So, check the manual and ensure proper connection.

3) Error Code C218

The error code C218 is generally caused by temporary service issues. Generally, this error code C218 must go away within a few minutes. On the contrary, if the error code doesn’t go away within a few minutes, you need to restart the TiVo device and repeat the guided setup from the first step. Also, while you are following the guided setup again, make sure that ports and IP addresses aren’t blocked.

4) Error Code V70

To begin with, no one knows the reason behind the error code V70, but we are sharing the solutions with you. So, the first step is to switch off the router, host DVR, and TiVo. Once the devices are switched off, power on the host DVR and router. When the host DVR and router are switched on properly, make a connection with the TiVo service. Now that the connectivity is ensured with the host DVR, switch on DVR.

In addition to this reboot, you need to ensure that TiVo devices are activated with the service plan, and all the TiVo-related devices should be connected to the same network.

5) Error Code C33

When there is an error code C33 with TiVo, there are chances of issues with network settings. This is because the TiVo device won’t be able to connect to the MoCA network. For this purpose, you have to reboot the TiVo device along with the router and modem. In addition, you have to check the signal strength and make sure the signals are strong enough.

In some cases, you may have to configure the network and internet settings on the TiVo device. These settings include the IP address and password. Also, when you reconfigure the network settings, it’s best to restart the TiVo box for proper settlement. To summarize, these are the common errors associated with TiVo, but if you have some other error codes, call TiVo customer support.

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