3 Common Fire TV Error Codes With Solutions

fire tv error codes
fire tv error codes

Fire TV is the brainchild of Amazon, and it’s an apt platform for people who want various streaming services and subscriptions. With Fire TV, you can enjoy live TV, play online games, stream the favorite content, and use apps from the TV screen.

However, there are times when users struggle with Fire TV error codes. If you are one of them as well, we are sharing the common error codes along with their meanings and solutions!

Fire TV Error Codes

1) Playback Or Video Errors

When it comes down to Fire TV, video or playback errors are very common. These playback or video errors are generally denoted by 7202, 1007, 7003, 7305, 7303, 7250, and 7235. There are various solutions for fixing the errors related to video and playback, such as;


Whenever you struggle with the playback or video errors, you have to restart the Fire TV devices, such as set-top box, stick, and smart TV. In case you are using the Fire TV stick or set-top box, you can follow the instructions mentioned below for restarting the mentioned devices, such as;

  • The first step is to press the select and pause/play button and hold it for five seconds at once, and the device will restart

On the other hand, you can restart the devices by opening settings from the main screen of Fire TV. From the settings, open the device option and hit the restart button. It will ask for confirmation, so just press the restart button. Even if you don’t want to follow this method, you can disconnect the devices from the power outlet and wait for only ten seconds, and the devices will be rebooted.

As far as rebooting the Fire TV (smart TV, to be precise) is concerned, we suggest that you press the power button of the Fire TV remote for ten seconds, and the TV will switch off. Once the TV switches off, it’s best to let it wait for five minutes and switch it on again. Once the devices are rebooted, you will be able to get rid of these playback and video errors.

Network Usage

Whenever you struggle with playback and video errors, there are chances of network connectivity. That being said, we suggest that you reduce the network usage. For instance, if there are too many devices connected to the network or are following different internet-related activities (Netflix and downloading), the internet connectivity will be impacted.

For this reason, you have to create a stable network connection that enhances the network performance. Moreover, it is better to restrict the devices from internet connection if they are hogging too much internet bandwidth.

Wireless Interference

If reducing the network consumption didn’t work, we suggest that you reduce the wireless interference. This is because wireless interference has the capacity to cause wireless performance issues. In this case, we suggest that you place the internet router closer to the Fire TV for better signal strength. In addition, make sure that there are no physical interferences between the router and the Fire TV.

2) Unavailability Errors

When it comes down to Fire TV, the unavailability means the unavailability of videos or applications. For the most part, these errors are denoted by error code 1055 and error code 5505. For fixing these errors, we suggest that you update the location settings. For changing the locating settings, sign in to the Amazon account and enter the phone number or email associated with the Amazon account.

Then, enter the Amazon account password and open the settings. From the settings, move to country or region settings and hit the change button. In the upcoming field, enter your name, phone number, and location, and hit the update button. Now, switch on the Fire TV and register your account. Now, you have to wait for one hour for location settings to become effective.

3) Payment Errors

With Fire TV, there are higher chances of payment errors, such as 2021, 2016, 2027, 2041, 2044, 2043, and 7035. Whichever of these error codes are bugging you, you need to understand that these are the payment errors. For fixing these error codes, you have to check the payment settings on the account.

In this case, we suggest that you call Amazon customer support and ask them to streamline the payment issues. If there are outstanding dues, you will need to clear them to get rid of these errors.

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