2 Ways To Fix DirecTV Network Light Flashing Orange

DirecTV Network Light Flashing Orange
DirecTV Network Light Flashing Orange

For those of you who are new to DirecTV Network, they are by far one of the best services out there at the moment. So, well done on choosing a really decent provider. Though it might not seem like it right now, they are generally incredibly reliable. 

On top of that, their device are normally really easy to use, and quite easy to fix too! When it comes to the DirecTV Genie Mini cable box, this really holds true. If you have a look at the box, you will notice that there are three different colored lights on it; blue, green, and orange. 

The function of these lights is to inform the user about what is happening inside of the box. In this way, we can easily diagnose any problems that might pop up at any given time without any real difficulty. Recently, we have noticed that there are quite a few users who have noticed that they are getting a flashing orange light when they try to use it. 

Naturally, a flashing light rarely means good news, so a lot of you are asking how serious the problem is and how to fix it. So, to get to the bottom of the problem, we decide to put together this little guide to help you get everything back to normal. 

What does the Mean Of DirecTV Network Light Flashing Orange?

What does the Mean Of DirecTV Network Light Flashing Orange

Thankfully, there are only two thing that the flashing orange light on DirecTV’s Genie Mini can possibly mean. The first reason it could be flashing is to tell you that it is running out of battery and is about to switch off if it isn’t charged soon. Naturally, this is the best case scenario as remedying that is as easy as could be. 

The second cause of the flashing light is to tell you that the device is having trouble bridging between the TV and the device itself. When this happens most is when you unplug the device and move it into another room, or when you have decided to install it on another TV. 

Quite often, that will get the orange light flashing. Many of you will already have tried unplugging it and plugging it back in again, but with no effect. You still haven’t been able to install DirecTV on your TV. So, let’s get to the bottom of it. 

1. Check the Wireless Video Bridge On DirecTV

For those of you using DirecTV’s Genie Mini wireless device and getting the dreaded flashing orange light, this will mean that the wireless video bridge isn’t actually connected with the device. Luckily, the fix for this can be quite simple in most case. 

So, the first thing you should do is to reset the wireless video bridge. While you are doing this, you should also reset your DirecTV device. If this has worked, you will now see a solid blue light on your device. The light should not be flashing. 

2. Contact DirecTV Customer Care 

Contact DirecTV Customer Care

Unfortunately, the above fix is the only one that we have for this problem that can be tackled from your home. If this hasn’t worked, it points to the fact that there may be a larger problem at play here. 

So, at this point, the only logical step left to you is to get in touch with customer support to get to the bottom of it. If you have tried all of the classic tricks; unplugging and plugging it back in again, updating the software, and rebooting it, there really isn’t anything else that can be done. 

While you are on the line with them, we would recommend that you tell them everything that you have tried to fix the problem. This way, they will be able to rule out a few things straight away, speeding up the whole process. More than likely, they will have to send a technician over to have a look. 

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