DirecTV Genie Mini Blinking Yellow Light: What Does It Mean?

directv genie mini blinking yellow light
directv genie mini blinking yellow light

You must know the fact that Genie mini client is not a receiver itself and it cannot receive signals directly from the satellite. Genie mini client only works with the transformed information provided by the Genie DVR that includes video and audio.

This is exactly why the Genie mini client is smaller in size as compared to the actual Genie DVR. Moreover, you can not get a genie Mini client without a Genie DVR because a Genie mini client can not work without it.

Lights Color On Genie Mini Client

If you are using the Genie mini client along with your Genie DVR then you must know that there are two lights on the front panel of the Genie mini client. There’s this power button which has a DIRECTV logo on it which lights blue when the client is turned on.

The three different colours are yellow-green and red. You can determine them by considering this information.

  1. The easiest one to determine is the red colour because it does not resemble the rest of the colour on the device and cannot be mistaken.
  2. However, the green and yellow colours do mix up a lot.
  3. Many people mistake when determining a green or yellow colour. Make sure that the colour of the light you see is yellow and not Green because sometimes the green colour light is more like yellow colour and yellow colour will look like an orange colour.
  4. The AT&T device genie mini client comes with an LED that works in 3 colours, which is either green on, red on, and both green and red on, which makes the yellow colour. This is why the yellow colour is not very clear to determine mostly.

DirecTV Genie Mini Blinking Yellow Light: What Does It Mean?

  • The yellow colour light will appear on you Genie mini client whenever there is “reduced connectivity sensed by the device.
  • The yellow colour LED light in your Client means that the device is not receiving strong signals and to improve signals you must make some changes like changing the position of the device.
  • However, after seeing the yellow colour light in your client device if you do not see any problem then there is no problem at all.
  • The yellow colour light only lights up when the device internally checks the signal strength which means you can look up at some of the matters regarding the device for later.
  • You can get your device new coaxial cables for better connection and signal quality. Improving the cable quality can provide your TV with a better quality picture.
  • You can also look for the interface between the base and your client to make any improvements. You can move your Genie client closer to the wireless video Bridge for better connectivity.

However, If your TV screen is working properly and the Genie remote is working properly as well then you do not need to worry about the yellow light.

Hopefully, this blog helped resolve your problem.

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