DirecTV Mini Genie Not Connecting To Server: 4 Fixes

directv mini genie not connecting to server
directv mini genie not connecting to server

DirecTV is the ultimate platform for people who like movies and TV channels for everyone who loves entertainment. In the same way, DirecTV Mini Genie is the HD DVR that allows the users to have HD service on every device with one DVR. So, if the DirecTV Mini Genie not connecting to the server, we have outlined various troubleshooting methods, so you can get the HD entertainment again. Are you ready?

DirecTV Mini Genie Not Connecting To Server

1) Mind The Lights

The Genie is designed with the network light, and in case of a streamlined connection with the server, the light must be yellowish-green. In case the network light has turned red or orange, know that Genie doesn’t have the network connection with the server. With this issue, the problem might be due to the frayed or damaged cable. With this being said, you need to check the entire cable infrastructure and replace the damaged part.

2) Plugging

When the Genie is not establishing the connection with the server while using DirecTV, there are chances that you have not plugged in the devices properly. This usually happens when you’ve been using the hardware for a long time or if you’ve installed a new component. If there was an addition, just remove that part and it is likely to fix the issue.

In addition, if you are using the coaxial cables, the network connectivity will be adversely impacted by Genie. So, we suggest taking out the coaxial cables and replace them with HDMI cables. In addition to cable plugging, you need to ensure that the DVR is properly connected to the device for better connectivity.

3) Activation Time

When you first switch on the Genie to use DirecTV, you need to give it time to establish a connection. This is primarily because some people don’t provide ample time for client activation and when the Genie has been updated. So, we suggest that you wait for a few minutes and let the updated Genie establish the proper connection.

4) Reboot

When you are using the hardware devices, these need reboots from time to time. similarly, you need to restart the system if it’s not connecting to the server. With this being said, you need to press the red button and it will take one minute for a reboot but will solve the majority of the problems. In addition, keep in mind that the network light might blink red for a few seconds, but it is completely normal.

The red button is usually available on the side or at the back of the front door, depending on the model of Genie you are using. By pressing the red button, you are actually initiating the long reboot that takes five minutes for a complete reboot.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that these troubleshooting methods are enough to fix the server connection issues. However, if it didn’t fix the issue, there are chances that Genie is faulty and you might need to replace it. Lastly, you could try calling DirecTV and have them look at the technicalities.

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