How To Setup TiVo Mini Wireless Bridge? (Explained)

tivo mini wireless bridge
tivo mini wireless bridge

There is no secret in the fact that TiVo Mini is one of the best DVRs out there. It can be connected to the TVs to gain access to web entertainment, live TV, and recorded shows. However, people have been talking about TiVo Mini wireless bridge. With this article, we are talking about the wireless bridge device and how it’s connected with TiVo Mini!

TiVo Wireless Bridge

To begin with, this is easy to install a device that transforms the coaxial wires into the ethernet network, result in a high-speed wired connection. In addition, it promises that the network is highly reliable and there is no need to invest in new wiring as well. It can be connected with various TiVo devices within a few minutes, such as mini boxes and bolt boxes.

The bridge device can network various products at a time and allow multi-room streaming. In addition, the users can swiftly transfer the recorded files. It allows the utilization of Mini VOX even if it’s not wired for the ethernet connection. With this device, Mini VOX can access the recordings, live TV, streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu. Also, it allows access to the guide data.

For installing the bridge, the users need the ethernet internet router, coaxial cables, TiVo Mini, and TiVo Roamio. When you order the bridge device, you will get the bridge, two-way coaxial splitter, power adapter, ethernet cable, and coaxial cable. On the other hand, you’ve to buy TiVo Mini, remote, and external drive separately.

TiVo Mini Wireless Bridge

TiVo Mini doesn’t support the wireless connection but it comes with wireless features (they are built-in) so you don’t have to worry about connection. For this reason, you only need to switch on the box and follow the below-mentioned steps to create a connection, such as;

  • The first step is to choose the wireless networking option from TiVo menus
  • If you are setting up TiVo Mini and bridge for the first time, you must choose wireless as the connection type (it has to be chosen during the guided setup)
  • On the contrary, if you are just changing the connection method to wireless, you have got to open the “settings and messages” and move to the network settings. From the network settings, choose “change network settings” and tap on “connect using wireless.” As a result, TiVo Mini and bridge will be connected (yes, wirelessly)

In addition to this, the users can also create the MoCA network through the bridge device. For this purpose, consult the following instructions;

  • The simplest method is to connect the bridge to the router or gateway. You might have to disconnect the wireless adapter or ethernet router. You can also connect the bridge device to the TiVo Mini
  • As for MoCA, you have to open the network settings from the “settings and messages” tab. Then, choose the “change network settings” option and opt for “connect using MoCA.” As a result, the users can create the MoCA network with TiVo Mini and bridge!

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