5 Most Common DirecTV Genie 2 Issues & Solutions

directv genie 2 issues
directv genie 2 issues

DirecTV is usually used with Genie for optimizing the signals and the users will be able to watch their favorite shows and channels. On the other hand, there are some DirecTV Genie 2 Issues that can adversely impact the user experience. With this being said, we have added the possible issues and the fixes for optimizing the channel and station broadcasting. Have a look!

DirecTV Genie 2 Issues

1) Sunday Ticket Issues

If there are problems with the Genie 2, it can result in the inability to stream the desired channel. For instance, you bought the NFL subscription for watching the game but you are being charged even after the game ends. With this being said, you need to call customer support and have them cancel the subscription. You can also ask for a refund if you were charged unjustly.

In addition, there are chances that you are not receiving the desired channels or the channels you signed up for. This is because when you buy the Sunday Ticket, you get access to the Family Zone as well as Red Zone channels. So, these are two Sunday Ticket issues that can be solved by calling customer support.

2) No Audio & Video

Believe it or not, this is the most common issue that DirecTV Genie 2 users are struggling with. So, if you cannot access the audio or video with DirecTV, you need to reboot the DVR as well as the TV. Also, you need to inspect all the cables, and if the cables are damaged, just replace them with new ones. Lastly, you could simply connect the DirecTV to Genie 2 with a new cable and solve the no audio/video issue.

3) Switch-On Issues

Okay, so some of the DirecTV users have been complaining that they are unable to turn on the Genie 2 or DirecTV with the remote. To be honest, this issue is pretty minimal and can be solved by pressing the channel up button (the button must be pressed for around five seconds). This will restart the receiver and it will start working normally.

4) No Signals

This is another common issue with the DirecTV Genie 2 where the users are unable to receive the signals. If this is the case, you need to check the cable connections and make sure all the connections are tight and secure. On the other hand, if you are using the SWiM power insertor, you need to restart it for around fifteen minutes. Lastly, you need to eliminate all the obstructions from the satellite, so you can receive direct signals.

5) Remote Issues

Okay, so there are times when you are unable to use the remote. In this case, you need to change the batteries because they might have worn out. Besides, there are chances that the Genie 2 is not paired with the remote at all. With this being said, once you change the batteries, pair it with the Genie 2 again. However, there might be something wrong with the remote as well, so try replacing the remote!

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