Tips on How to Watch Movies for Free on the Internet

People who have been using the Internet for any length of time are aware of actions taken against websites that have engaged in piracy of videos and music.  Piracy occurs when websites illegally offer copyright protected media for download on the Internet.  As a result, there are organizations that now patrol the Internet looking for websites that offer media for illegal download.

So, with all of the discussion in the news about Napster and other websites that were shut down for piracy, why are we hearing about being able to watch movies for free on the Internet? The Internet is full of video archives that are free and legal to access without having to worry about getting into trouble with illegal downloading.  With more than 600,000 public domain videos and free online video streaming sites you can view movies for free simply by having a high speed broadband Internet connection and a computer.  Here are a few legal ways that you can access movies for free on the Internet:

Xfinity TV

Xfinity is filled with hundreds of different free television shows and movies which are freely available using a PC and an Internet connection.  The amount of access you have depends upon the type of account you choose.  If you decide to setup a free account you still have access to a great variety of shows both recent and classic.  If you decide to open a paid account you of course have access to a wider variety of television shows, movies, sports events, and much more.


SurfTheChannel offers movies and television shows on comedy, drama, sports, sitcoms, animals, documentaries, news, tech and gaming, music, and much more.  The site was launched a few years ago and provides an index of channels offering all different types of subject matter for free.


Netflix  is one of the more popular sites that offer unlimited television shows and movies for a 30-day initial free trial.  After that it is only $7.99 per month for unlimited access with the opportunity to cancel at anytime.  Netflix initially offered DVDs through the mail and now you can access just about anything to watch instantly on your PC, television, Xbox, or Wii.  Although it only offers a trial for free, if you watch a lot of movies most of them are close to being free for only $7.99 each month.


Hulu offers thousands of television shows and movies in their entirety for free.  You can view entire movies and television shows with a free account.  If you would like more variety you can opt to sign up for Hulu Plus which expands the variety of movies and shows you can access as well as the devices you can access them on.

The free account only allows you to access movies and TV shows on your PC.  When you sign up for Hulu Plus you have access to a wider variety of entertainment plus you can view the media on your PC, smartphone, tablet PC, TV or Blu-ray player.  The free account is available in Standard Definition where the paid account is available in High Definition.

Google Videos

Google Videos are available from where you can search for an unlimited amount of movies and televisions online through the video search engine.  The movies are available through a variety of different sources such as YouTube and others which are totally free or require a small fee.


IMDB  website started out as a biography website for movie actors and actresses as well as directors, producers, and other well known people.  You can access full versions of movies and television shows on this site for free by clicking on “Videos” on the toolbar at the top of the home page.  There is a wide variety of recent movies and television shows, as well as classic TV and vintage movies many of which are presented in the full version.

These are a few of the websites where you can find movies and television shows to watch that are free and legal.  There are also websites such as BlipTV where amateurs can start their own television shows and many seasoned professionals use these sites as well.

Technology Required to Watch Movies for Free on the Internet

If you opt to use a video streaming service such as Netflix or Hulu and you want to view movies and television shows on your television you will need some additional equipment for accomplishing this task.  You must have a PC or a system such as a PS3, Xbox, or one of the more recent Blu-ray players. You can also choose to purchase a streaming device such as a Roku or Apple TV which simply connects to your TV and the Internet to allow you to download and view movies and television shows from the Internet.  If you just want to view movies on your PC all you need is a high speed Internet connection.

Watching movies and television shows on the Internet has many advantages because you can watch what you want when you want.  Although satellite companies such as DirecTV and others offer capabilities such as Tivo where you can record shows they are much higher in price than watching TV on the Internet.  The equipment can also be quite costly if you wish to have more than one television installed in your home.

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  1. Great read! Online piracy has definitely become a huge problem in the internet world today, so I’m very glad to know that legit sites like these are around. I am rather surprised to see my favorite site not included in your article though…which is It’s from my TV provider Dish and offers thousands of free TV shows and movies for everybody (with some content locked for Dish subscribers only). There are no downloads required and no additional fees outside of the Dish subscription. I’ve been using it for a long time now after one of my co-workers at Dish introduced it to me a couple years back and really do love it. It’s been perfect for me since I travel so much and is great to recommend because it’s pretty much free for all. Thank you for the read though…it’s great to know how advanced technology is becoming! 🙂

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