7 Ways To Fix DirecTV Error Code 128

directv error code 128
directv error code 128

DirecTV is the preferred choice of everyone who needs direct access to favorite movies and TV shows. However, it comes with a fair share of errors, and DirecTV error code 128 is one of them. If you are struggling with this error code, we have added the troubleshooting methods for you!

Error Code 128 on DirecTV – What Is It?

If you are receiving the error code 128 on DirecTV, there are high chances that there are misconfigured system files. When the registry system of the computer overloads, the issue can occur. In addition, it can happen with broken or missing files. However, it’s pretty easy to fix.

Troubleshooting Methods

1. Repair Tool

First of all, you need to download the repair tool for the registry and PC. When the repair tool is installed, just execute it and it will fix the potential issues in the computer system. Once the execution is complete, the issues will be fixed and the error codes will be removed.

2. Windows Troubleshooter

If the repair tool didn’t fix the issues for you, there are high chances that there are some Window issues. With this being said, you need to run the window troubleshooter. The window troubleshooter will highly likely fix the issues in Window. This troubleshooter will take around five to ten minutes for completion, but once complete, the error will be removed.

3. Receiver

In case the repair tool and Windows troubleshooter didn’t fix the error code 128 for you, we suggest that you reboot the receiver. The receiver will be rebooted once you press and hold the power button on the receiver and keep pressing until the receiver restarts. Once the receiver switches on after the reboot, try connecting to DirecTV again.

4. Main Router

In addition to the receiver reboot, you need to reboot the main router. The main router is responsible for streamlining the internet connection. The internet connection is responsible for sending the signals to the receiver and device for DirecTV. Once the connection is rebooted, it will fix the error and you will be able to stream the content.

5. VPNs

In case the troubleshooting methods aren’t working for you and you are still receiving the error code 128 with DirecTV, we suggest using the VPN. The VPN will actually fix small errors, resulting in an optimal internet connection.

6. Inputs

Okay, so the error code 128 is still there and you are unable to use DirecTV, we suggest taking a look at the inputs. You need to check that all the cables are inserted into the respective ports. The cable color and the port colors should be coordinated for proper connections.

7. Customer Support

Well, if everything failed to fix the error code 128 on DirecTV, we suggest taking the matter to customer support. That’s to say because there might be some backend issue that causing the error and you are unable to use DirecTV. Also, they will be able to check your network and provide better insights about the issue and resolving steps.

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