What Is A DSL Filter and How Does It Work

What Is A DSL Filter and How Does It Works
What Is A DSL Filter and How Does It Works

DSL filters are a component that is used for a Digital Subscriber Line which is a high speed Internet connection that is delivered through standard telephone lines.  The telephone lines are used in conjunction with a DSL modem to establish connectivity to the Internet.  This type of Internet connection is also known as an always-on service since you never have to log on to access the service.

So what is a DSL filter and why is it necessary to use one for a Digital Subscriber Line?

What is a DSL Filter?

A DSL filter is a device that is installed in a DSL connection line to assist with reduction of line interference if the line is shared by both the telephone and the DSL service.  The installation and necessity of a DSL filter depends upon which method is used to install the Digital Subscriber Line.

If a splitter method is used during DSL service installation it is not necessary to use a DSL filter.  When you use a splitter which is generally installed by a technician it splits the telephone line into two lines so the telephone is connected to one line and the other line is dedicated to the DSL modem.  This eliminates the need to reduce any line interference.

If a splitter device is not installed with the Digital Subscriber Line then it is necessary to use the DSL filter because the telephone and the DSL connection are using the same line.  This can lead to line interference and problems with your telephone and Internet connection.

How a DSL Filter Works

If you do not add a DSL filter to the telephone line it is likely you will be frustrated by a weak Internet signal or an intermittent Internet connection.  It is important to note that although a DSL connection shares the telephone line it is different than a dial-up connection because it does not occupy your phone line.  Instead it simply shares the line and offers a much faster connection than the older dial-up method.

The reason you can use both your telephone and Internet connection on one line is because the DSL connection sends digital signals where your telephone sends voice signals.  Therefore the DSL connection occupies the unused wires in the line for transmitting the digital signal.  Because the wires are so close if you do not use a splitter you will get better quality in the connection by installing the DSL filter.

A DSL filter can be installed by the user of the connection if you do not have a technician install the splitter device.  The filter is installed in the telephone jack in the wall and is a connecting device that has an RJ11 connector on each end of the device.  All you need to do is disconnect the telephone line from the wall jack and connect the DSL filter to the RJ11 port in the wall jack and then connect the telephone line into the DSL filter.

Where to Obtain a DSL Filter

DSL filters are usually provided by your cable company when you obtain a DSL Internet connection.  If you need additional filters you can obtain them from your telephone provider or at your local electronics or home improvement store.

Keep in mind that there are two types of filters which include a 1 line filter and a 2 line filter.  The first type is used if you only have one telephone line with the other being used if you have two telephone lines.  Most DSL filters contain standardized connections that are compatible with all standard wall jacks.

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