4 Steps To Create Optimum Router Port Forwarding Rule

optimum router port forwarding
optimum router port forwarding

How was your experience with using the Optimum Router? Usually, all the modern routers are set to handle most of the functions automatically. However, some applications might need you to forward a port from your router to that application or your specific device. No matter how complicated it sounds but it is a very simple task though. Therefore, in this article, you’re going to find details about the Optimum Router Port Forwarding feature and how to create new rules.

About Optimum

Optimum is an American company that is currently serving cable television, landline telephone, and wireless internet services to the residents of the New York City, Tri-State area. Optimum owns small mid-sized tech-related businesses that work to provide mobile phone, TV, router/ internet modems, Smart WiFi Connection as well as ad services.

What’s Port Forwarding?

When we talk about computer networking, Port forwarding can be defined as an application of Network Address Translation (NAT) which is used to redirect a communication request coming from one of the IP address and port its number combination to the other destined address. During this, a network gateway that can be your routing device or a firewall program is being transversed by the packets.

How to Create Optimum Router Port Forwarding Rule?

Confused with all these typical tech-related to talk of networking? Don’t worry, we will help you set your Optimum Router’s Port Forwarding Rule by providing you with a general guide to create a Port Forwarding rule for your game or some other server.

  1. Locate Port Forwarding Rules

Every router or modem manufacturing company has their own software that vary by far from the others even between different models of the same brand. So, it is obvious that the location varies greatly. Therefore, it is better to look for instructions that come with your device in the form of a manual or guide.

  1. Creating a Port Forwarding Rule

In your Router’s settings, you’ll find a port forwarding menu. With that, you can create port forwarding rules. Let’s say we’re creating two new port forwarding rules. The first step would be naming the rule. Then, you’ll need to specify the type that whether its TCP, UDP, or Both.

  1. Put in External Port

Next, you will have to put it in the external port. The external port is used to create a connection between the router and the internet. You can put in any number of your choice to be the external port PIN. It can range between 1 and 65353 but it should be unique.

  1. Put in IP Address

Finally, you need to put in the IP address of the internal or initial device, that you are creating the Port for. Then, save all the settings and simply toggle the new Optimum Router’s port forwarding rule on.

Details About Optimum Router’s Port Forwarding Feature

Optimum Router’s port forwarding basically depends upon your Router’s model. If you can’t access the port forwarding rule settings, try contacting your ISP as he could be the one blocking them.

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  1. it doesn’t work. you can create all the port forwarding rules you want but you cannot access the internal device from the internet (outside your network).

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