Do Cable Splitters Go Bad? (Answered)

Do Cable Splitters Go Bad
Do Cable Splitters Go Bad

The internet is an essential part of our lives, and the utilization of modems and gateways has become crucial for optimizing the signals. Similarly, people tend to use the cable splitters because they can use one connection to be divided into different rooms, promising high-end cable internet connection and TTV services. In simpler words, cable splitters help redistribute the data. On the other hand, for everyone considering, “do cable splitters go bad?” we have the answers for you!

Do Cable Splitters Go Bad?

Cable Splitters Gone Bad – Does It Happen?

The short answer is yes; the cable splitters can go bad, which can adversely impact the service and network. With this being said, the bad splitter will impact the signals, leading to degradation. The cable splitters are basically designed to support higher bandwidth, which is the prime reason that it can carry internet and TV services.

Consequently, the cable splitters will help distribute the signals for diverse niches, and it will direct similar signals to every part, be it the internet or TV. We have already mentioned that cable splitters can go bad. When the cable splitters go bad, they don’t stop functionality; rather, they become inefficient. This is to say because cable splitters will have a hard time directing signals from antennas to the TV.

The cable splitters are usually designed to last around twenty years if installed in the outdoor settings (yes, that long!). This is because the cable splitters have higher durability and come with four different shields, two for braid and two for foil. On the top, there is a tough jacket with the central conductor. In the case of indoors or underground installation, longevity is higher than 20 years.

However, you need to understand that cheap cable splitters will go bad quickly, even in two or three years. If the cable splitter has already gone bad, it is suggested that you use the terminator caps because they reduce the chances of signal degradation. In addition, the cable splitter quality will determine how fast it goes bad and how bad it impacts the signal quality.

What Contributes To Cable Splitter Impacted Quality?

There are various reasons that can make the cable splitter go bad. First of all, when customers self-install the equipment, there are high chances of loose connections that will adversely impact the quality of the connector. Secondly, if you keep relocating the equipment (yes, the cable connector too!), it will lead to higher chances of cable splitters going bad.

This is because the users might need to disconnect the fitting and relocate the internet equipment, and during reconnections, it will become loose. In addition, if you modify the network and connections too much, such as adding the receivers, the connector connections will be impacted because the ports can become too loose.

On top of everything, the cable splitters can go bad with the environmental aging, such as extreme temperatures. Lastly, when there are frequent power issues and the extreme power supply issues will lead to the impacted quality and performance of cable splitters.

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