Can I Move My Spectrum Modem To Another Room?

can i move my spectrum modem to another room
can i move my spectrum modem to another room

Once you set up all your internet devices at some specific place, it is configured to work from that location in your house. You must be thinking, can I move my Spectrum modem to another room due to any reason? Well, there are some important things that you should keep in mind. Moving the internet modem from one place to another is not a child’s play. Therefore, it needs a certain amount of time and care while changing the Spectrum modem’s position and shifting it to a safer area.

What’s a Spectrum Modem?

For those of you who are still confused about what’s a spectrum modem? Spectrum modem is just like any other modem with the only difference being the Spectrum internet services. This means that a Spectrum Modem provides you with an internet connection that runs through the network of Spectrum servers. Therefore, the internet services and the modem itself is related to Spectrum and Spectrum is responsible if your internet is facing any type of connection or speed issues.

Why Moving Your Spectrum Modem to New Room Is Necessary?

There are a number of reasons why you should consider moving your Spectrum modem to a new room. It could be because you’re shifting your house. It could be because you’re shifting rooms. It could be because you’re redecorating. It could be because you are facing issues with your internet and you read somewhere that changing your modem’s position might help to solve those issues.

It could be because you want to boost your spectrum internet connection by placing the modem in some open area where there are less materialistic barriers. It could be because you want your Spectrum modem closer to your devices. Or it could be entirely without any reason that just your heart wants you to move that damn Spectrum Modem to a new room.

Anyhow, while moving your Spectrum Modem to a new room, there are some things that need to be taken care of before you move the modem. Read on to learn how you can safely move your Spectrum modem to a new room without disturbing your internet connection or damaging the device.

Can I Move My Spectrum Modem To Another Room?

If you’re planning on doing everything yourself without calling a Spectrum technician to your house, you should first make sure that you know everything clearly about your Spectrum internet modem and the connection behind it.

In terms of understanding your connection, you should know exactly how many splitters are being used in your network system. These Network Splitters basically originate from the one main line of internet connection that comes directly from your internet service provider which in your case, it will be Spectrum. Each splitter is used to provide a new line that can lead to your doorstep more conveniently but every single splitter tends to reduce the internet signal unintentionally by a fraction.

To have a well-designed system, what you should do is you should try to have a somewhat similar signal loss to each of your coax outlets. If you have too many coax outlets, then there’s a chance that an amplifier is being used to boost your internet signals. The main objective would be to provide yours with a better working internet connection that boosts the signals so that each of the coax outlets receives the same internet signal strength as the original Ethernet cable which is coming from the main Spectrum source that is your ISP.

What If Moving The Modem Doesn’t Help?

Moving your Spectrum Modem won’t help if you move it farther from the mainline of Spectrum connection, instead, it will only cause more internet troubles for you to face. Moving the Spectrum modem to a new room that is nearer to the mainline might help to improve your internet connection. If the Spectrum modem stops working after it has been moved to a new room, just give it a few minutes to configure and recognize the new position. Leave it there for half an hour or so and if it still fails to work, you can simply move it back to its old location where it was originally placed.

So, can I move my spectrum modem to another room? The longer the connection lines will be, greater will be the internet signal loss. Therefore, in this case, moving your Spectrum modem to a new room that is further apart from the lines won’t help to rectify the situation in your favor.

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