How To Enable MoCA On Arris Modem?

how to enable moca on arris modem
how to enable moca on arris modem

With increasing wireless network usage, people often struggle with slow wireless connections. Usually, the ISP is to be blamed, but in the majority of cases, the issue lies in the router. For instance, the router might be outdated, or there are network disruptions. This is why people are wondering how to enable MoCA on Arris modem, and we have all the details!

What is MoCA?

If your Arris modem is built with the MoCA technology, the setup will be easier than ever before. This is because all you need to do is connect the MoCA adapter to the coax port and device through the ethernet cable. At last, pair the modem with the MoCA-integrated router. If the modem already has

MoCA technology, it will replace the need for the MoCA adapter. Once the adapter connects and the router pairs up, you are good to go. Enabling MoCA on the Arris modem is a fine choice for people who need to access high-speed network performance. Also, you don’t have to worry about expensive setup and additional cables. On the other hand, if you are using an Arris modem that doesn’t have MoCA technology, the enabling will be tedious, but we have got you covered.

How To Enable MoCA On Arris Modem?

The MoCA technology is broadcasted, ranging from 500MHz to 1.5GHz (usually makes around 1,500MHz). So, for enabling the MoCA on the Arris modem, you need the coax network adapter, three adapters for installation. In addition, you need a three-feet ethernet cable with twisted pairing and a seven-feet coax cable, along with the power supply.

Keep in mind that you might need longer cables because it eases installation and is readily available at home improvement or hardware stores. In some cases, you will need the coax splitters if you want to create a connection in every room; always opt for the standard-compliant splitter. Also, all the cables must be digital-level because it optimizes the audio and video formats.

Once you have all the materials, add the coax splitters to the room, and the outbound port will be attached to the cable set-top box. The other port will be installed to the coax adapter. This coax adapter will be connected to the connected devices (use the ethernet cable). With this being said, connect the adapter to the Arris modem and plug it into the power source.

Now, unscrew the coax from the modem and connect it to the splitters. You will need to use the coax jumper cable and insert it into the “cable in” jack of the adapter (you can use the coax jumper cable for connecting the splitter to the modem). Now, use the ethernet jumper cable for connecting the router to the adapter. As for the ethernet ports, you can use any from the coax adapter.

Once you plug in these cables, the adapter will start showing the lights, which decipher that ports are connected. Sure, the process is a bit complicated, but it’s worth it if you don’t want to struggle with sluggish internet all the time!

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