3 Ways To Fix Xfinity US DS Light Flashing

xfinity us ds light flashing
xfinity us ds light flashing

Inhabitants of the United States of America know how good Xfinity is when we talk about quality internet. But, have you wondered why there are so many lights blinking on the Xfinity router? What if you do not know why the US/DS light is continuously flashing.

In the article, we will discuss the flashing Xfinity US/DS Light. The draft will help you resolve the US/DS light flashing issue with some useful troubleshooting methods. But, before it, we need to know the reason behind the flashing light.

Xfinity US DS Light Flashing: What Does It Mean?

Blinking US/DS light is something that most of the Xfinity users complain about. But, many of us do not even know the reason behind it. So, the thing that causes your Xfinity US/DS Light to flash is the poor internet connection. This phenomenon is linked to poor internet connection or when you have no internet connection. If you face the Xfinity US/DS Light flashing, this is the perfect place to resolve your issues.

1) Reboot The Modem

The thing that you can do to resolve this issue without putting many efforts is rebooting or reinitializing the modem. For this, you need to unplug the power connection of your router. After it, press and holds the power button given on your internet router. Now, when you have done it rightly, plug in the power connection of your internet router to avoid witnessing the Xfinity US/DS light flashing. It’s one of the most useful troubleshooting methods that you may apply.

2) Check The Splitter

Most internet connections use a splitter that divides your single connection into three different connections. It is itself something that may cause the Xfinity US/DS Light to flash, but Xfinity internet is not so slow that a splitter will affect its quality. What you’ll have to check is whether the splitter is defective or not.

It is possible that after a certain duration, the splitter may stop working correctly, and this is what is creating issues for you. If the defective splitter is the cause, then change it with a new one, and if the splitter is completely ok, we will suggest you plug in your internet cable directly to the modem without using any splitter.

3) Reach Out to Xfinity Customer Care

One of the most common methods to get rid of your most severe issues is contacting the Xfinity Customer Care center. They are equipped with some of the most professional workers who will help you overcome your problem with minimum effort. If you find it challenging to resolve the issue by applying the above-given methods, it is ok to contact Xfinity customer care to resolve your issues.


If you have been through the article, then you already know some of the workable solutions to avoid the flashing of Xfinity US/DS Light. The article has got everything that you needed to know about the article. So, what you need to do is follow the article religiously, and it will allow you to avoid your issues.

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