WiFi Extender Connected But No Internet: 5 Ways To Fix

wifi extender connected but no internet
wifi extender connected but no internet

The Wi-Fi extenders have become the ultimate solution for people with bigger homes and offices. This is because the Wi-Fi extenders can improve the internet signal strength, and the wireless coverage will be improved.

However, there are certain issues involved with Wi-Fi extenders, such as a Wi-Fi extender connected but no internet. In case you are in the same boat, we are sharing the troubleshooting methods with you!

WiFi Extender Connected But No Internet

1) Antivirus

People usually don’t believe it, but the malicious files and viruses in the device will lead to internet connections. For this reason, you could use antivirus apps and software. If you are using Windows, it comes with a built-in firewall. The firewall can be enabled by opening the network settings. On the other hand, if you are using some other device (tablet or smartphone), you can download the antivirus program on these devices.

On the contrary, if you have already switched on the antivirus and the internet connection is still not available, we suggest that you disable the firewall. Similarly, you must switch off the antivirus app on your devices. In the case of a smartphone, it is better to delete the app altogether!

2) DNS Provider

If there is still a “no internet” error with the Wi-Fi extender, there are chances of a corrupted DNS. In that case, it is suggested to use Cloudflare DNS and/or Google DNS servers rather than using the server provided by the internet service provider. When you shift to better DNS providers, the internet connection will not only start working, but the internet speed will be improved.

3) Flush The DNS Cache

In case the internet connection error is still there while using the laptop or PC, it is better to flush the DNS cache. This step is important for people who have recently switched to a different DNS server. For flushing the DNS cache, you have to press the Windows and R key, type in “cmd,” and press the enter button. As a result, a new field will appear in which you need to type “ipconfig/flushdns.” When you press the enter button, the DNS cache will be flushed out, and the internet will start working optimally.

4) MAC Address Filtering

For people who have enabled MAC address filtering on the internet router, you won’t be able to connect to the internet until the MAC address of the device is allows to attain the IP address. In that case, you can disable MAC address filtering on the device, but you can also add the device to the white list. Secondly, you have to ensure that the device isn’t using the spoofing of the MAC address. Once this setting is streamlined, the no internet error will be fixed.

5) Wireless Channel

If the wireless connection is connected to the router and Wi-Fi extender, there are chances of network interference. In the majority of cases, network interference can result in no internet issue. For this purpose, you have to change the wireless channel and connect to a less congested wireless channel. Truth be told, it should fix the internet connection. To summarize, you can also call your internet service provider for assistance!

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