Comodo Releases Free Mobile Device Antivirus Software

Most people associate antivirus software and security suites with laptop PC and desktop use.  However, these perceptions are rapidly changing with the increased use of mobile devices.  Since mobile devices are becoming more popular this also makes them a prime target for hackers and online criminals.  For this reason, many antivirus software providers are designing protection for smartphones and other mobile devices.

Comodo, a leading provider of security suites and antivirus software, recently released free antivirus software for the Android.  The new protection software is known as Comodo Mobile Security and Antivirus Free and is designed with protection features for preventing unwanted intrusions on your Android device.

Antivirus Features

The antivirus feature in Comodo Mobile Security and Antivirus Free offers real time scanning and protection with the ability to update with the latest virus definitions for mobile devices.  The software also contains a feature that automatically scans any files that you access as well as any apps that you choose for downloading and installation.  If the antivirus software detects a potential problem you will receive a warning prior to downloading the app or opening up a potentially suspicious file.

There is also a feature included in Comodo Mobile Security and Antivirus Free that allows you to choose individual files you want to scan for viruses, in addition to adjusting the settings to schedule automatic scans of your Android device and the memory components.  This feature ensures that you do not forget to perform a scan and keeps your smartphone protected at all times.  The antivirus software is also designed for use on a tablet device in addition to the Android smartphone.

Mobile Security Features

There is a reason that Comodo named its newest product Mobile Security and Antivirus Free and it is because you get more than antivirus software when you install the program on your Android device.  The security suite portion of the software takes a proactive approach to protecting your privacy and security.

First, there is a feature which provides blocking of unwanted SMS messages and phone calls from sources you do not know.  You can blacklist calls you do not want to receive as well as SMS messages from spammers.  To ensure you do not block the people you wish to hear from there is a whitelist features which ensures that you do not inadvertently block your family and contacts with whom you wish to interact.

Another feature that helps to protect your privacy is the Private Space application which protects important messages and files from unwanted prying eyes.  This includes telephone messages, SMS messages, document files, and any other information you want to keep private.

The Software Manager is another interesting feature that provides protection for processes which are running on your mobile device.  The application is designed to help you monitor apps and other processes which are running and then provides you with a way to disable any processes that appear to be suspicious or are consuming a lot of resources on your device.

Like the antivirus portion of Comodo Mobile Security and Antivirus Free the mobile security is also compatible with tablet devices in addition to your Android smartphone.

Mobile Security and Antivirus Free Enhances Android OS

If you are wondering about the Android operating system features which are preinstalled for protection such as call blocking and SMS blocking, you can still choose to use these features.  Comodo Mobile Security and Antivirus Free simply takes the protective applications which are included in the Android operating system to the next level to provide your device with comprehensive protection against unwanted intrusions.

Comodo offers a reputable array of security suites and antivirus software for a wide variety of devices.  However, if you are skeptical about downloading a free antivirus software program you are not alone.  Regardless of the antivirus provider’s reputation, it is always wise to read the reviews and the firsthand experiences from customers who have actually downloaded and installed the program.  This is a good idea for your own peace of mind and to be certain that the program is going to work on the specific model of Android that you currently use.

Additionally, once you have made a decision to use the program make sure you are downloading it from an authentic and trustworthy source as it is very easy for hackers to make the download site look like the real deal.  Instead of creating more problems for your mobile device you want to be sure that you are beefing up security and protection instead of compromising it.  Downloading Mobile Security and Antivirus Free from the authentic Comodo website is your best bet but there are other reputable sources such as Cnet, Brothersoft, Softpedia and others that are trustworthy download sites and provide reliable product reviews as well.

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