Does VPN Hide MAC Address? (Step By Step Guide)

Does VPN Hide MAC Address
Does VPN Hide MAC Address

It’s notable that a VPN can shroud an IP address, yet shouldn’t something be said about the MAC address? Would websites be able to follow it down or would it be able to be seen on your switch in any event, when utilizing a VPN? To respond to these inquiries it is imperative to comprehend what the MAC address is and how do gadgets use it.

What is MAC address

Macintosh represents Media Access Control which is a location that contains 12 digits (ex. E8:FC:AF:B9:BE:A2) and is extraordinary to each gadget. It is utilized to recognize a physical gadget (or equipment, for example, a system interface card (or NIC) on a nearby system. This location never shows signs of change as it is signed in by a producer.

By and large, there are different gadgets associated with a similar system – PCs, telephones or TVs, and altogether for a switch to know which web parcels have a place with which gadget it monitors each gadget’s MAC addresses. A switch holds this data in an ARP table where for every MAC address a nearby IP address is relegated.

At the point when you attempt to get to a specific site, your gadget and a switch impart over their MAC addresses on a neighborhood arrange. At that point, when the switch sends web traffic outside the neighborhood arrange it takes off your gadgets MAC address and uses its own.

With each jump, the past gadget’s MAC address is peeled off and supplanted before sending any web bundles further. In a long system chain, switches, and other system hardware just think about MAC locations of those gadgets that are straightforwardly associated with them.

Does VPN Hide MAC Address?

Utilizing a VPN or not, the sites cannot see your gadget’s MAC address essentially in light of the fact that it is peeled off once your web traffic leaves the switch. The site cannot have the foggiest idea about your switch’s MAC address since it as a rule takes various jumps by means of various gadgets to arrive at it.

Despite the fact that MAC cannot be seen by the sites straightforwardly, there are hardly any roundabout approaches to get it – separating from your IPv6 and by running content on your gadget.

Macintosh address presented to the sites by means of IPv6

You have most likely known about two adaptations of IP address – IPv4 and IPv6. Numerous ISPs these days relegate the two forms to your record. The intriguing part is that IPv6 design is fundamentally the same as your MAC address arrangement and this is on the grounds that occasionally an IPv6 address is made utilizing it.

At the point when you visit a site both your IPv4 and IPv6 are noticeable to the site and it is conceivable to separate your MAC address from IPv6 address. Utilizing a VPN is a smart thought to totally conceal the two renditions of IP thusly forestalling backhanded access to your information. Not all IPv6 tends to utilize your gadgets MAC address, there may be various ones relegated to you by your ISP that are irregular.

 Scripts can get your MAC address

 Another way sites could get your MAC address is by running a content straightforwardly on your gadget. It is hypothetically conceivable, yet for all intents and purposes very difficult to execute since running such content, that could get to the gadget’s data would actually require deceiving you to concede chairman benefits and running it on your gadget.

Just by visiting a site and clicking an arbitrary popup would not work, since such content couldn’t in any way, shape or form be run from a program. In this manner, the main way it could work is in the event that somebody remotely associates with your PC and executes the downloaded content record.

Does a VPN conceal your MAC address from a router

A router is part of the local system and MAC address is utilized for your gadget to speak with it. Utilizing a VPN would not conceal your MAC address from a switch since VPN is utilized to shroud your IP address on the open web. Indeed, if your MAC would be avoided a switch you would not approach the web.

In what manner may you spoof your MAC

Covering your MAC address absolutely on a close-by framework isn’t commonly possible since it would slice your web get to, in any case, if you are concerned that someone may perceive your contraption there’s the single heading to do it – spoof it.

On every OS there is a way to deal with fake or change your authentic MAC address or even make a transient one that is turning continually. Here’s the best approach to spoof your MAC on each stage:

Bit by bit directions to spoof your MAC address on Windows 10. Here’s the best approach to spoof your MAC address on Windows 10:

  • Type Device Manager in the Windows 10 chase box
  • Find Network Adapters tab and select Properties of your framework connector
  • Move to the advanced tab option and then click on Network Address or the Local Network Address
  • Change the motivating force in the case and restart the computer

Directions to spoof your MAC address on macOS

  • Temperament executioner wifi
  • Dispatch Terminal application
  • Use terminal request to make an unpredictable MAC address: openssl rand – hex 6 | sed ‘s/\(..\)/\1:/g; s/.$//’
  • Use terminal request to set the new MAC address sudo ifconfig en0 ether xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx where your new MAC is instead of X’s
  • Restart your device
  • Bit by bit directions to spoof your MAC address on iOS
  • Manipulating your MAC address on iOS requires jailbreaking your phone, as such, it isn’t endorsed that you spoof it.

Here’s the best approach to spoof your MAC address on Android:

  • Go to GooglePlay App and then download ‘Android Terminal Emulator’ application from the store
  • In the application type, ‘IP associate seem’ to get the framework interface name (it’s apparently ‘wlan0’)
  • By and by type ‘IP associate set wlan0 XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY’ where wlan0 is your framework interface name and new MAC address an impetus instead of Xs and Ys.
  • Go to device properties to confirm whether your MAC address has been changed now.


When VPN is used it genuinely doesn’t impact or disguise your contraption’s MAC address, yet it doesn’t need to do it regardless since in the long device chain your MAC doesn’t travel any farther than your switch.

In any case, there are hardly any distorted ways to deal with finding your MAC – one is removing it from IPv6 address and another by beguiling you to run a challenge that would send the information. If you have to really guarantee yourself, you could use a VPN to cover your IPv6 address or endeavor to spoof your MAC address.

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